15+ Soldiers On Their Days Off

15+ Soldiers On Their Days Off

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15+ Soldiers On Their Days Off

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Dating in Japan (Black in Japan) | MFiles

Dating in Japan (Black in Japan) | MFiles

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In this episode of The Melanated Files (MFiles) we introduce Will, a digital marketer living in Japan. Listen as Will shares his experience living in Japan as a black man for the past 3 years. He also gives his take on the dating scene in Japan. Watch to hear his story.

You can find Will on Instagram here: @mr.slycooper
You can also find his Facebook page here:

The Melanated Files or the MFiles is a Black Experience in Japan’s series that highlights black people living in Japan. It focuses on sharing the story of the individual; who they are; what they do; what they are passionate about; and what their experience has been so far, as a black person living in Japan.

Melanated is a word that is regularly used in the black community. It means “full of melanin.” Files is in reference to the collection of stories of black people in Japan that will be shared in this series.

If you would like to be featured or know a black person living in Japan, who would like to be featured, please send us a message on our Facebook page: Or tweet us @theblackexjp

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it is amazing actually dating in Japan for me I welcome to the black experience Japan to Milla nated files the purpose of this series is to highlight the black people living in Japan who are they my name is Will and I'm from Detroit Michigan I came to Japan because it was a dream of mine I had a big interest in the culture especially technology so you know it kind of started off with gaming and then branched off to anime and then the language and I decided to come here I've been in Japan for three years basically I'm a digital marketer and I promote myself and other companies and clients through social media like Facebook and Instagram my experience in Japan has been good and bad just as well as my experience anywhere else in the world because I'm black so of course you got some people in Japan that don't really understand black people as a whole they only understand what they perceive from what the media gives them and you can blame Hollywood for that but for the most part people have been treating me pretty nice in Japan I like it here my experience is for the most part it's been really good police don't you know profile me as much as they used to back in the States and it was good and I don't know I mean I might want to throw a little bit a large season and sawed into some things here and there but for the most part my black experience it's been great what I like most about Japan is the fact that it has potential Japan is very homogenous place and because of that some people may be discouraged to even come here because they're stuck in always but at the same time there are a lot of people here that want to learn and want to change like the Olympics are coming up so that means more and more foreigners are coming here so that's a good opportunity for people in Japan to learn something new so it has a lot of potential the least I don't like the fact that some with least in Japan it's like people lack honesty and some people may say that in Japan the society has are full of individuals that are very kind but I don't feel like it's genuine and in Japanese they call it a my it's kind of like you have like a mask and you smile in front of somebody but in actuality you don't really feel a certain way about them and that's the thing that annoys me the most I want people to be more upfront and real like a whole name that's what they call it I can't do this today my stuff if you don't if you don't like me you don't have to engage me if you don't want to go somewhere with me don't have to go with me just tell me keep it real that's my least favorite thing about Japan my favorite Japanese food has definitely got to be ramen like just this for everybody just for laughs everybody I love ramen so much I have like three to four different point cars from just ramen shops for example this is my seventh cart from this place die cochlea and this is like 70 bowls finished okay and this is 60 from the same place so I got the 60 in the 70 right here I got another one from another ramen shop also completed that's like ten bowls from this place and Shinjuku and another one from a kabbani that's uh ooh 15 15 so yeah I'm obsessed with salt or shio ramen tonkatsu it's my favorite food here I can't get enough of it it's no it's unhealthy but whatever if I go to the gym after it balances out I received advice from a lot of sources from humans and from anime the best advice I got overall was from Naruto you know ever give up on your dreams ever and it's plain and simple uh if you dream about something you're really passionate about something don't give up no matter what the ice are and you'll be surprised that if you continue to focus on your goal you will achieve that goal that's the best advice I got bad advice would be like do everything the Japanese way that is terrible advice because it's impossible for a person that is not Japanese to do everything Japanese what reason being is because you as an individual a foreigner are different you will never be a native Japanese person so some people that are Japanese tell me I have to do this and this and this to become Japanese I understand that to a certain extent but at the end of the day you are who you are and if you're not Japanese somebody shouldn't tell you that you should become something that is impossible to become girls and their reasons for like trying to go out with me they say some of the most ridiculous things and most of it is like putting down Japanese men it's like some Japanese women would come up to me or try to date me and be like oh yeah you know you're cute you're black and this and that I like hip-hop and you know it's just the casual stuff that majority of us here being black but then you know when it gets to the intimate part they started talking Japanese man so hard like Japanese man to do this they don't do this they're not like this they're like this it's it's hilarious but I feel bad for like the dudes they're talking trash about but you know what can you do it is amazing actually dating in Japan for me it's good you know I like that women pay for the you know half of the meals sometimes here if they don't some of them don't have the expectation that you're supposed to pay for everything like I got to work too you know like we date and we're not married I don't have to be paying 50 you know like 100 percent of everything I'm you know my wife but some girls are really courteous when it comes to dating here and you know that I'm not gonna say Japanese women that docile so you know you can like you can forget that right now not all Japanese women are timid and submissive there are some very powerful and independent women out here that won't be pushed around and you know respect to them by the way but as far as overall dating I really enjoy dating Japanese women are the majority of women that I've dated out here but don't get me wrong sisters you're still welcome it's just I'm too short and y'all don't like me so story short no I dated a number of Japanese women and for the most part it's really fun it's it's romantic here but compared to America I guess I go to the club a little bit less here when I go out you know more so of let's go to dinner type dates and not just go get trash together but I like it I have this inherent ability of referencing things from movies or other things and it's really really really weird like if I see something sometimes I could connect it with some movie that I've seen years and Blake oh that's like that that scene in rush hour where Chris Tucker you know kicked this leg out after he blew up but you know something like that and people find it really interesting and very strange but it's a little bit annoying I can't stop referencing things it's ridiculous but I guess that's my superpower if you're blood person that wants to come to Japan I suggest you do it especially like if you're a black person that's just straight up from the hood like me I'm from East Detroit Michigan a lot of people don't have any interest in coming in any other countries that are in Asia and listed in the military and they're forced to come here but you know like see the world like get out there come to Japan it's it's fun here you know even though you might hurt some bad things about Japan and how black people are treated it's not all bad they only discriminate against you based off your nationality not your color and that's like a step up from America as far as black people that are already living here like connect to other black people out here you'd like you're not alone like we're all out here together you know let's stick together let's help each other out like please like you know join join some groups on Facebook go out and meet some other black people people can find me on my Facebook page where there's a will or they could find me on Instagram mr. Sly Cooper in our period s ly Co oper mr. Sly Cooper and yeah please give me a like on my Facebook page I just started it not too long ago I'm trying to get some support you know so I can do some big things thank you so much for watching if you'd like to see weekly videos about the black experience in Japan feel free to subscribe to this channel if you know someone that would like to be featured or if you yourself would like to be featured send us a message on our Facebook page at the black experience Japan or send us a tweet on Twitter at the black pegs JP thank you so much for watching we'll see you next time bye you

Secret vs Forward Gaming | Chongqing Major Group B Decider Match Bo3 Game 1

Secret vs Forward Gaming | Chongqing Major Group B Decider Match Bo3 Game 1

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while was jakirah but it's just in that here just doesn't do anything out the laning phase it's kind of yeah I don't like robot much yeah it falls off and does made like Shakira used to be good like three four years ago but people have learned how to deal with tournament I won't go for that one but I'm just interested in seeing what forwards is gonna die alright so this is a different approach actually with that tide is gonna be made okay so basically the fun part about tides versus visages that tide does not get hurt by visages birds like it just absolutely nothing nothing and if you have R or universe one of them just they just need to get the crimson and whoever gets it it's just over for visit she deals no damage during that so it's it's basically on forward gaming to get that crimson as fast as possible and once that happens wastage is not a hero the board's do not hurt you and you can just continue pushing so basically what they need they need Vlad's and crimson they can end this game before am gets anything but it's easier send said than done obviously they are playing versus team secret they are playing versus main one which is good on that hero and you are playing versus you observes robic yeah this is most definitely opportunity a secret to strike first the past fights they get level 6 of course a lot more flexible than war forward half right you got the ravage you got the Stampede but these are big cooldowns on me / included whereas for visage those birds can be a constant factor ah you can actually the steel from Rubik you said before there's a lot of spells on offer that would be useful here as well yeah and the good thing about playing versus tidehunter as messages the fact that you are most likely gonna get last it's and most likely he's not gonna be able to deny away too much experience away from you there are some heroes that completely dominate we sit on the lane tidehunter is a melee hero and you can grave kill him you can play with him like he he should be able to hit you and reduce your damage at any given point in the laning stage at least so that should be easy for for wastage and you think about researches if you give him a fast level 6 like he can rotate away from that tide and push some other lanes and then he can be the one that setting the temple and if he is the one setting the temple that means that am can be farming on a different side of the map and getting go and soaking in all that they will be enough left it's just about buying time if secret can actually keep board away from their towers they can actually at least secure the jungle and Anisha always has a fullback point I think when you look a force line up while you have the juggernaut layer on very useful in the pushes there's kind of a lot pressure on I'd say these off liners afford actually take toss the same tarp loss the tiny is probably the best method well the new retaliate boss of course the tree is coming out from the tiny centaur is really strong offensively right now we didn't retaliate right so it's not really even more so that it doesn't actually cost mana so actually you could just turn around top the animation to face any given point am I like this Phoenicia it's ballsy move these guys sneak in and take that room from underneath their nose he already knows he's gonna be weaker at they ruin the nail yeah the Rubik starting with boots very very greedy from the up store but he just seems to like this a law he done on the upper as well yeah which robucket like you can rotate across the lanes pretty good he sure he does manage to get it I should give me two rooms of peace in the end here as they be back away in the ball laying on side secret be the sneaky played in quite work out MSS is a race especially when he saw no one of the rooms starting with the basileus actually I'm going for that home of Dominator build so basically who wants to put as much pressure as possible onto them to be that space that's area am that we talked about yeah we decide they're gonna have to actually come out again swing if they can't just sit back and play passive in these lanes the good thing is of course with with the rubic you can slow down jogs farm for pay bolts at the same time you can reset any jump onto your piece master his force like when you use the play pier you don't want come in a straightaway you want to get close so you Inc swell get lifted and that's too late to use play don't think I don't think they're gonna be killing him but they can definitely almost definitely they're gonna try and slow him down best they can force with these tanky heroes the key is not gonna be burning the region as quickly as possible be small stuff going down but what is actually drawn and the apps or well here's in no position to help yep they managed to use that things belong to him into the blade fury and he falls like this master is an amazing hero but he really gets that powers back on the lane on level 3 when he's able to actually dish out damage to the boars one day just because they're not really hurt they slow you down which is annoying but from the level two dwarfs they actually start stretching it's also interested in if you look at Rubik he didn't take it point to lift he's actually gone for the off gain supremacy down yeah that's very interesting usually I mean you can always leave it to yups or to know what's up with robic and to actually innovate when it comes to item builds or skill builds or whatever and growing your kings premises I have to admit a bit weird I think getting left on that wind could help them as you said to get rid of that inks well target that's running to worse you're something but I guess he knows what's up is going for her D or instead it's a first to be honest it's a first when you're playing mage robic yeah you see that a lot but as a sport that's not really very common yeah there's always the arguments will a fury comes out and it's too late right you have to be pretty close for lift anyway so maybe that's these kind of thought processes despair to new come down and burn out all of rezo's retain early on then try and look for the one out of ten opportunities to actually lift yeah but so far he's not really I haven't seen him spam this fade ball that's the case right like he's he's saving it up it has full man almost so it's not like it's been super effective yeah I think exactly just trying to avoid shoving Elena it loose that way anyway usually we see Rufus kind of spam it out because they can instantly try and make a play off it but this type of Lane you're just kind of trying to exist because you know the jug plus rooms for a combo they could just jump on your any moment thank you Tom planes we found storms gonna come for up and toss back puppies gonna pull yeah puppy he likes to play it play this game on the edge right he likes to test his friends his limits and this time he pays the price you can't really do that versus too tanky voices his tiny and centaur we have so much control and bottom inside they're going in that found him again he's Mastan not having a fun time in this ball lane I mean if you had lived there honestly you could have lifted him and moves him out yeah but Yap so con he is actually going for a second point of a ball he doesn't care I mean I I can get behind the second point in the fade ball from level three definitely because it's he just disappeared tiny just walked up to him he wouldn't put he wouldn't blink out tiny just walked up tossed him avalanched him and set by by sensing base stakes made that lets get caught out pop he wasn't close enough to assist in bollocks of it and I am have to he's not doing terribly 22 at this point um two CS yeah he's doing fairly well he has not which are Missouri Nevada Demoman are most of the time so his farm has to be careful doping if you remember a few years back tiny and then centaur wears a meme combo in pubs like you would pick that as four and five just rotate across the map toss the Centaur into the Sun or toss people into the stand on the center yeah I recall this painful experience 40 there's also the frustration of the new play centaur is you kind you swallow you got they couldn't jump him he's out of mana and the moment you go in retaliate just gets used and all of a sudden you turned around on Doug it's get pretty low double boar was Thunder will wane but healing ward the easy solution for a juggernaut will be stick as he's used his blade fury in a bit too early but he managed to zone go to the can't be stopped of the bounty and so they might get Rubik airspace hey bolt I can actually turn around the resolution needs to be careful go to stick life you're still cool down these how to use it right now maybe a little bit too late though you're gonna be bored with the pieces off the cross you'll slow them down they might find SVG as well loss coming out from Buffy and there's the bay bolt through nice rotation coming out from the past 5 a lot of secret to take dominance at this boat landing yep poppy with the good rotation there gets two kills for his team at the same time though and mages left completely alone on the top plane and already suffering though 28 3 east climbing yeah not right now but he is pushing and because of that it's gonna be a bizarre different approach the creeps but at the same time tiny has flat toppling he's going towards mid as the DD dodge does have those six now in so trying to move in get closed off the Canada grave chill double arms its own out a little bit for to protect and watch Bruce tossed on Imam let's let's back away a little bit of aggression from both sides been no kill opportunities way we're running try lanes in the mid lane now I'm not wondering they gave this village a very fast Hummel Dominator and he's just gonna rotate he already is welcoming yeah he wants to push he's got the car pole he's dominated little Kai and on these ribbons XP min as well that's have a big benefit here LSS when three people gonna turn around look we're killed we'll get on the Lich yeah I'll get the tiny super low here we had to stun him up and finish him off healing ward can keep him alive it looks like he might be fine yeah this sounds gonna come out – counselor they can't pursue standing firm resolution with the clocked healing water keeps their tiny alive thank you this is still here you don't have sex oh wait yeah six I'm reso actually needs to get out right now he's getting pretty low lavery to escape just in the end the cross shield on the boss get the crap out of a mess GG will be stunned off with your wive's he just have the rabbits level but they don't know this so they have to be very careful about how they approach this fight they might just go in again look at the tower and now your eyes the middle know where he needs to back up svt in a little bit of trouble as well will be stunned up will be brought down I'm thinking – you just turn around look on the tide max maybe become the angus master course mid one game free luck get the kill gosh comin through with him so as well but it's thumbs from the buds should protect their muscle an assessment avalanche mid one just trying to sidestep this careful grape to the move away I'm gonna try and cross the tree for you actually I toss board the tide they get the kill in the middle one is bursty persist oh no that's a lot goal given over you are dying gets research like that for losing words I don't think I don't think you respected they might damage the anchor smash now does great keep his cloak right when you die you're first in having exactly he maxed the anchor smash and he does not have ravaged literally he basically has to in kraken shelf for levels of anchor smash he's just running in and hitting people you know there was what the two that casted it with me but there's like there was a game I think join not a league or something like that in which tidehunter was going Desolator and solar crest and he was destroying yes we had that one I think it on Facebook's as well just chase them down time went for a solo like the solo Christ was just game dominant does not make a do against them it's a really good item vs message so he already has the Vlad's but he's moving into and so arcane boots probably after that Greaves or something like that just more utility for his team he's always here Amana like I've seen this a lot where ties only get one and the common issue is they hold all those charges for the ravage so they eventually run out of anchor smashes concussions let's kind of counterintuitive in the end whereas this all love actually span constantly with no no fret no worry yeah that's sure he definitely has no issues already that last fight as well he lost his mana very very early on he has takes to work with but yeah it's not enough job so it's gonna support this guy who lift them up actually stand up still with tree was looking for something else he was gonna come well base of proof items braces on him as well they'll be a finished off kill but presently abides nowhere they fight they know that he has Omni slash available it's a pesky little yep so Ruby stop can pressure this am even further it was not having a good time he's the poorest core in the game right now Nisha that's one way to protect UCS no use for that man avoid there any other points there uses on the centaur creep I've actually seen that quite a lot recently they realized all right I'm gonna shrine up in any second now and let's just waste mana to secure that CS even faster but it definitely does look beers and someone does it because you you used to seeing it from some tools that core in your game right about to claim you Oh moon in salt mines gonna come out actually miss bird now rapidly news connects to the four eras free robber those are included there though and they'll be able to clean them up to give it a mid one from roar coming in time to backstab rabbit we're stalling you absol the big play sloppy and grim stroke will be able get the kill still bigger losses then the toss forward universe looking feel – nice lift coming out from the App Store will reset the fight allow them to move away though all in all with institution I mean for taking actually just pushing this tier 1 if they want enough I mean the way they're using stop plus the Centaur charge plus the ravage just flawless isn't really too hard to execute to be honest so that wastage was just caught off position super easily by that stampede sometimes simplicity is the key result top lane the final cases preservation on its go warm but no not working be sure go to the port no fix reso stays alive neasha eco painting so hard there she beats it's so hard man I wrestle and he would C be away as well yeah just enough mana or just enough time and puppy won't find him and end the tip don't get Godzilla you know that this an image is not having a good time of course you have to tilt him like that kill actually is it's not only it's not only the truth tilting horse also the he's the key to victories and you just shot him down exactly and you know what the am is in my opinion really good versus Jacques right now as long as he gets that farm but it's the Chuck takes control of the game early on if he out farms if he finds that battle fury before you do then you're in right now this jug is moving towards it he finished the Yasha and and taking the tower shoul speed up there's no way you stopped this bush Eva you got here is here but they just farming creeps and I stopped after bullying you can't like the issue with this mid ones message is that it does not inverses the tide like we stated before so the tie just stands in front it is not a single hero that can fight him right Nisha he was getting pretty low the Stampede it's an interesting fall from universe but it won't knock L picked him up bring him out they had that were there so tomato safe I really like this word by the way it's one of the best words after the landing-stage the dire ward on top yeah that one basically give so much info to your carry that's farming in in his jungle gossiping aunty mate she's gonna try and play risky in this area because it's that type of hero hasn't escaped yeah and that gives you all the info you need no he's gonna want comfort that camp and you can already see he knows he does to be relegated to this area where he's relatively safe yeah but the problem with being relegated to that area is basically this when you're when you're playing the hero that's such a hard carry such as a.m. you're looking at the movements of your teammates as well and right now he's moving behind them just burn them down with play three one get free locus to move way right and there's the stolen gravity she's gonna come out that's not a mob took a little turn there I don't miss shrine is keep him alive but they give the healing wood straight away side with the quick reactions chills the kill BP in centaur trying to gain both avalanche on the mid one he just try and stay far enough away it's gonna get close to the end he will go down double kill in the meantime precise he finds SVG on the backfoot to for free trade and in favor of secret there's the ravaged and Omni slash were used in that engagement for secrets and to me she didn't have to join that fight and they still have a favorable exchange so I am farming and you're still winning the fights just perfect for them honestly most importantly the judge was involved in that fight and we talked about him racing was his battle fury that's gonna slow him down a lot exactly especially because he died yup swordman just Rubik player steals second time to get ravaged like he's been so on point so far but what do you expect from your absol this is one of his signature Harris now you actually expect that okay that's what you expect you expected you don't expect him to steal I don't know anchor smash or something like that he's always on point Prince fighting the ball over them s e-g trying to run away game out as well nice a lot to cover their escape though shrine here but a little bit too far for secret assume you on the top lane it's gonna come out jungles been found each other this time the manor boy will be enough with the assistant Hibbett Sports dipper monisha what is he waiting for seriously it's not about being kind it's about wanting that foul fury more than one to tip someone by poppy to the TP away gets interrupted by the center but that does mean nice you knows what's coming so he'll back away yeah puppy's just walking around here perhaps rank rewards if you put that board on the cliff then you can't actually pressure that tower with the am and split push on the top lane all the time if you die like that then yeah you just die and that's it your opposition 5 you don't really care too much it's not game breaking this is pretty good farm for Yap so by the way he's already knows he's not far of the blink of this right oh yeah definitely has the old 1300 gold moving towards that blink like it's perfect for him and when he gets that possession died this was a curious move coming out from the Beastmaster not sure what the end goal was there you give own echo creeps as well now we give your hi cream I think you know it's space he was oh yes fine tomatoes how do we feel about like ice he forgot that he has a hawk to skull to it you know so instead she ran with everything else too much time playing whole Beastmaster with the axe is being levelled out instead of the the creeps exactly it happens it happens what's your are doing what's this I okay yes that's she's doing that solar treadmill by the way he's going for that so it's okay especially Reza this would get really scary because you just got one we slashed onto anyone in that stage doesn't matter how thank you they're trying to slow down there's bricks on the tower with the frost shield wow he will back up a little bit here needs to be careful meanwhile in the bot lane nice she's just been why ever he wants to he's actually caught up he's a good Network now he spurred at 7 K yeah if you were finished and from this point onwards we were gonna see skywalker stomping coming in it's a full retreat though trying to get away your wall will be out escape let's PG already away with English world to speed him up even more come on he wants to kill some birdies and he killed a big one just the killer bought me resolutions gonna run away but Nietzsche was chasing and avoid almost got the matter for you I she has the one choice do you want to pop it out reso knows that that's common as well those who use his own want charges it's so fast with this Yasha yes centaur is connecting so he should be here John stun is the one turn around from was gonna come out they'll turn around them the Centaur since they find will say this target we can't find a job but this is worth trying to keep 11 the heels over car meet one the midlane there was a dive attempt by the tide honor in his tank II as he is he had to back away yeah so pretty good kill for them they do they miss out on the jaw kill but they do get since our sacrifices I think if you are forward gaming Europe you happy you made that you're not happy you made that trade but you're satisfied it's better than having your jock die once again while he's building that you are he might be in trouble here have a large recoveries escape but that's a little bit too close for comfort I think they've done a good job massage secret kind of reaching the items they need to frighten this type up now he does have that so workers complete the right now but it doesn't matter way too much they can still blow him up so it has to be a bit more careful about the way he plays he can't really just go in front and racket tank everything up the guy that we haven't really been talking up a lot about is this tiny he's in quite silence for the last couple of minutes as that blink dagger could be rotating around getting because but instead it's just been this tight just going mindlessly in front tanking everything up machine while everyone else is kind of behind him ready and waiting for something to happen something that never does happen actually they're gonna try and make something happen but if you smoked off MSS does have that blink dagger to work with the mid one is shown in the mid lane it's on around so they see no more tinnie super low soul mind does lick them together we're gonna stand their ground MSS arriver but there's your to protect on the abyssal they tossed them across and you're wise arrived as well your options the Maypole to slow down the damage was too late he's gonna pull so I'll go down actually take one move them SVG he dies alongside them were two for to trade in the end to two for two but in general Chuck died and they a miss farming all taking the house he stopped Network now and he has that just replying in limine overall he's a beast right now soon he's gonna come online with that Manta and then suddenly this shock is gonna be even more security it's gonna be basically if he jumps that Chuck uses Manta blows into the boat his mana even cheerful would be highlight the mid one is pretty down post this item scepter as well the timings are just coming together a team secret right now and tied still ages away from this Dallas @s Alea ages away from that doesn't liter but you know it's tight core tight-knit guys and this isn't something that we see very often and because of that we can't really assess the power spike that he's gonna have that desolator we've seen him like we've seen him in action and he can do a lot of damage function he's playing versus a and they might try and kill him actually they see the opt-in that move for new you are not doing too much time together good trying turn around Avalon click away and punch a post bouncing around now can they do enough should have stuck together since the gaze does drag into tiny and your eyes don't help with the bar hanging around actually moves over SPG instead at the bail they have to leave tiny behind primer was gonna come out those we go off place you've actually get the purge off is a good enough focus tamping trying get way nice use coming up in the app so I'm doubling board move for the axes slow down you are getting close trying get away stolen avalanche working against the plan avoid as well it's not enough trying it is burn for him so lumps game low nice stop coming up the universe for the live and this Dolan stop is for the user in turn sent our home but you are is gonna go down high card tank anymore comes out the buyback always by seeing you will be enough though oh it won't on mid one is protected bully by the frost shield plus his birdies night none half HP or a cheaper so damn tanky but finally they are hemorrhaging as Beastmaster dies but everyone else will be able to escape a nigga roast they know they have to get road top of that with the buyback on tight it's the only way it's worthwhile detective else's that buyback and rush the only thing that they can yeah honestly am has nothing in waiting she's gonna jump in Oh jump in stones go come on yeah aunty Bais get pretty low sign something today on the edge of those C's Ward's so close to losing that Roshan gates they turn it around and they're getting huge kill Indonesia yeah that's was I mean I expected him to jump in but not to tile the way he did this is a huge win for forward gaming everything seems to be falling apart for them on the treatment teams seems to be running out of hand with that rush that they're gonna take and with that kill on a.m. it's definitely looking better and it sends a a very important message to support do not give up over the roof again because that's why it's so close the length of time you are stunned because walking supremacy and that's not even maxed out yet we're going to finish the race right now birds coming from mid wanting slows down on MSS beep Thompson stop nice list off superficial puppy beat still goes down destroy to fake it picked up the eggs note go niggas go to die mid one he basically didn't get a primer or the turnaround juggle game for you Lord Ashby he can't stay allied the Crimson Guard can't keep him up and I'm Nisha he's the circle more you are close without me I smash through the moving though needs to stand up by the Avalanche clean side he was come down to tiny any move install by is gonna be they try and turn around the man avoid not being useless get this Commons there centaur he's gonna fall they're just mincing through Ford gave me the last the go will be tiny but it's gonna be a team wipes and all they came over was the kill under the Lich right at the beginning the fight not only was this a just denied they denied them there five of them and now there it can just roll down mid empty there's anything that can stop them please for this year tool so they can take it I should go high ground they know tide has no buyback and they could try and force maybe one over there get half the HP on this tower I mean I get ax visits there's no reason to storm exactly three birds this is gonna be much worse than only the tower I feel like how do you get them out your base right now you use the Stampede you've used the rabbit these part used the only slash on its own scabby holes set right whole Lane and now they're just gonna rotate down to the tier two and go for the next stage and even the kindest tier two on the bottom Lane 100% because tide is still dead for 20 seconds and this is the power of the research right especially with zebra one of the most infamous teams for doing this so regulate the ramp up speed of this hero is insane exactly he's slow and steady and nothing's happening he's just defending farming suddenly damn he gets that agonist you lose one fights you lose the set of praxis and am is on line two right now he's finishing that that's kadhi he has one ultimate organism Emporium he's becoming harder and harder to deal with as well well Chuck yeah he finished that battle theory but after that he's yet to get that crystal from a farmer or coming out on to that jug actually get try moving stomp you lose design around it Stampede as well the apples to burn every on the beasts button now we both just arrived since the gate lonesome resolution can I do nothing yes they can take both bounces around and joking already down he was to the side fine dining and on reach a staff of universe who stuck next to the creeps you can't move away quick enough it's all vine hits on the tool it will be going down without releases them so they can actually chased through now nice to have a lunchroom MSS we you still haven't locked down this animation has full control the fight and you'll look for more MSS avalanche of five seconds they're gonna shrink from tech nice stomp out from Yap you wanna do that what's the min rabbin through the turn around then you get rid of Rubin right now on the air feel the burn the Cargill the an amoeba we find Center on a nice get pretty low there's the money gets out SVT people burn up no one is dealing with mid one right now an AM which is gonna walk it off MSS might not be so lucky brings back our lives we turn around toss up in the air and they get rid of mid one and these babies they get through the film he gets rid of three birds and actually the four squawking birds too so I mean they get so much fold out so that killed and honestly they are ignoring this issue that's why he's able to just pick off that scream stroke but once they turned their attention to him like using a lot of problems and why they could do that right there is because which was bathroom it was that am just escaped so look at the gold swing it was 3.2 k 2.5 k in toll switching hands and 1.3 care that went to the tiny MSS back in this game I mean emesis was doing fine throughout the game and C building of course yeah he's gonna get that force with one of the better items versus Vistage is also the force because it you can after you get grape field or stomach with one bird you can force the target out or just create your passes and then you can joke the birds further it's it's very difficult that all gaming versus the loose right so yeah I mean full game just reminding teams he could but not have this just yeah it's a 5k net worth leave a secret they need to calm down a little bit after the the fight that led to them losing or Rob taking Roxas sure you feel free emboldened but this is this is what we simply see in these type of games where you just suddenly ramped up this hardest we see one mistake by and it's all about whether you can minimize the losses in that fight and then just refer primarily comes on the juggernaut gonna get in pretty low play for you to get away alongside Stampede but guess what nice is about the right move in man it's gonna come out wrestlers get low man avoiding pretty smart they kill achieve and nor buy back actually 460 gold short they can go high ground this is the problem that I see with jock versus a yeah like every single time this happens you try to pick up that chucks so that you have a hero that's that comes on and faster so you can set the pace of the game but if that antimage fines space if he finds farm like he counters you he jumps on you uses that Manta like two times in a row now even three like he just jumps on that job this Manta get rid of his mana you can't tell me / you can't spin just blows you up all right knocking on your door secret they say this punishment to be hot me was I was at Braintree to the continent or – it's not Christmas anymore crimson God closes down a decent amount but no enough to get them off your high ground running cold sores yes it felt like that they fought about gum Flamini rocks they're gonna respect the fact that jug is off in eight seconds and he didn't use the Omni slash so they'll back up they will smoke actually this might be a big pack if anyone comes out of the base but for gaming they should know they should anticipate this moving towards the shrine I guess they're just gonna take that yeah they're gonna starve off control the map from port gaming make sure when roche is up it called want to defend it a shrine this shrine is so important for with gaming a primer or or Island a jug and all again and actually bring down slopes gonna be there look at the turnaround Shiloh comes forth I'll be out if I'm right for him and Selleck right through so my blood that damaged actually ridiculous this is the fun part to the game for PhD nature he's to move away have some fun with him he's got something coming up come down he gonna move away just in time the other line no quick enough and all these flash was used on that he's just thinking about going back in actually carry a void since thank you very much it's resolution low he suddenly aboard he doesn't want any part of this he's had bad experiences with issue recently consumed Leah Santee majors it's just a knee made his farm time again this is his jungle you don't belong he has that's Cody she's not really worried if he's gonna be blown up by any anyone in this game actually and he split-pushing diet does not have a port he's 100% certain of that boy seconds of cooldown actually trying to go on mid one hit find a lot of time Shane what's gonna bounce around they need to split up right away I'm gonna be able to force stuff away and you are locked in the sport because Nisha has taken base they'll use the glyph and try to get back right now the gays star dragon a tiny around which does come out connects on the to the finish or fix pretty quickly now they get through mid ones I have a lot take gremolata be in the meantime the base actually defended resolution arrives just in time you are pretty tanky in the mid lane well it's gonna come out that a little feel pity has been poured let's get rid of his man off but tied a little bit too tanky they need to find something easier hope jump in stop interrupted by Yap store of the gun it blinks away before the outline Kentucky yaps or sold for this game so fast those fingers of his they're so fast link his reaction time is ridiculous also though Shiraz is completed on centaur so the birds are not gonna do hey they're gonna do even less than what they did so far but right now the point about this agonism this is not the fact that you have three birds hitting you is the fact that you have three three to six birds controlling you like he can have multiple stuns off all the time that's why they're so good I mean that's the big deal right it's like said the damage the reducing is damaged but you look in the network doesn't matter what mid-1 does right now he's locking you down nice you can just run you through exactly and there's an AC on that musician all completed if they want it could wait for at rush this is this is basically strategic play right now AM shows up bottom forces them to rotate to defend out those axes but then we will go for rush when it's up because you know that you know that some of their heroes are defending the bottom lane notice that they'll think roaches of themselves and rush back towards that you see the smoke coming out from secret an anticipation of us yeah because they know how fast that's rush can falter the medallion AC which we have to react they have to do something he goes both ways here board-gaming can get for a quickly with a solar crest and the Desolator plus the Geoghan on either team leaves this pit area for a few seconds they can miss our course rose not up for another 25 seconds yet yeah there's a DDO name though so it's gonna hit hard butterfly completed there's falling them around they don't want to get too close though they've seen what happens when they do that the thing is they have the studio strategic advantage here because of this exposed bottom lane so as long as a.m. is around bottom they can't really contest rush and this is you can even take it alone with Beastmaster right as soon as rushes up they have even the hawk inside you will see it up and they'll go take it that's the big difference Ford have no way of knowing when it's off other than our secret in the pit the visual game is just huge it always was trying to get there yeah they're trying but I don't think they can make it sometimes even with the bees now they go hey get some cheese both being picked up by Nisha now they're on the hunt to see if they find some of they see you see MSS Tom's gonna come out right away go through the spawn the St Kilda Stampede and universe our banner he's gonna go down soon form or maybe they'll be able to find it they do they get the comb too grim stroke and they do lock into tide honor they put him on the clip they say side which comes out he knows it's the only opportunity in GG school because there's nothing left in the chamber with no TP they would've went straight for his base yeah another rabbit stolen their icing on the cake by UPS or such a good game from an surgical game from Nisha

Online dating - what's good? Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, POF or Hinge?

Online dating – what’s good? Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, POF or Hinge?

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Hey guys!

I’ve decided to get back in the dating game and thought I’d do a video about a few different online dating apps!

If you have any tips for me please leave them in the comments below!

Plenty Of Fish
Thanks for watching

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hey guys I am sitting here in my hot box today to talk to you about online dating I recently decided to get back on the bus I suppose and start to date again kind of a nervous it's been a little bit since I was last on these websites so I did a little bit of research on the weekend and I found a couple of different sites to try and I just wanted to talk to you guys about my experience with the dating and get your opinion on the best dating websites to go to and I want to hear your stories like what's worked for you what hasn't worked for you what you know what you thought about the different apps that you can get so on the weekend I did a little bit of research and I googled the top dating sites and the number one that came out in Australia was zoosk and I haven't actually tried this before so I thought I'd give that a go I literally haven't done anything yet I have just got the pages open I haven't signed up for any of them plenty of fish is another site that I've used before sharing this site that I've really used before and that actually wasn't on the list so that's interesting to me that that one didn't make it but I did find a new one on there called bumble that I don't know if you guys have heard about it from what I understand bumble is more geared towards two women so the women are the ones to make the first move the men can't message the women the women have to do the messaging the first if it's a match and they have I think it's 24 hours to send the message to the guy and then the guy has an amount of time to reply I believe and if that doesn't happen then the match is completely deleted and you can't find that person again so I mean just to see what that's like but I'm the type of person who doesn't normally make the first move maybe that's something I need to change I'm not sure but generally I like the guide to message me another dating app that I have come across but I've never heard of before is one called hinge I'm very interested to try this one out and had a lot of good feedback from the YouTube video so I've watched so basically I believe hinge hooks up with your Facebook and then it searches your friends friends who also have hinge so it's kind of like your friends are sitting you up with their four single friends I don't know I hope my Facebook friends have lots of single friends that they can to set up with me so I'm really keen to give that one a go good old tinder I'm not sure how I feel about tinder to be honest tinder seems to be a bit of a hook-up site maybe aimed at younger people I'm not sure but hey I'm gonna give it a go I have heard of a relationship happening from tinder so you never know your luck that's it there's five of them that I'm gonna try now plenty of fish is one that I like I said I've already tried before so I already actually have an account that i deactivated or a hit or something like that so I hopped into it and all of my information was still soaked in there so I've just gone in and changed a few pictures because you know it's been a couple of years and so I was like well it's been 2 years since I was on plentyoffish now plenty of fish is free to put a profile up but you have to pay to upgrade now I'm not a hundred percent sure on what the upgrade gets you I believe if you upgrade you can see people who who want to meet you and things like that I'm not sure a fucking message people that people can message me without the upgrade so that's something you're going to learn if you guys know let me know what happens in plentyoffish when I go into the payment area it's one token for a dollar ninety nine and then ten tokens for sixteen ninety I really don't know what the tokens get you so you know I'll just not pay for it just right now and see what happens okay so by the looks of it hinge is an a phone app only it doesn't actually have a website that I can see so I will have to do that one later because I'm filming on my phone okay so it just clicked on Zeus you know went to sign in with my Facebook I don't know if that's the right thing to do like I said I don't think I've used my tibia system before it looks like everything's saved in so I don't know if they've got that off my facebook profile or if maybe I had as this perform not sure I'm just gonna go in here go to my profile well it seems I did happens this profile that's very interesting to know okay so the Zeus profile is you know the typical it's got your pictures on it your basics so you missed a sign because that's basically wrong wants to know that your high your gender what you're interested in all that sort of stuff then it's asking you for a little bit of your story it's a little bit of background I won't bore you with mine and then perfect mess what you're looking for in your ideal date and there's an interest section so you can I have no interest apparently there is no interest in my profile see it's about right this one also has like a boost thing so you can pay to boost your profile you know I'm not really paying for anything right now they were linking me to go free and see what happens so now I have zoosk I'm on plenty of fish and Zeus so it seems that bumble is also an app only not a website so I would definitely create my profile in there and you know how I go I'm very interested to see how these different apps work in matching you up with suitable peoples I just signed into tinder with Facebook and it says tinder will be able to access your work history so I'm that little bit strange I'll get Monica okay guys so that's the different dating apps that I have uploaded onto my phone I have to sign in on them on my phone and then I will let you know how I go just let me know what you have used in the past what works yeah if there's something I haven't heard of it let me know down below because I'm willing to try any of the dating sites what I'm thinking about doing is making this into like a series I'm not going to take you guys on the date with me but I'll just let you have a little insight in the different dating apps that I'm using what I hope you know my thoughts and my feelings on which are the best ones you know if I do get any dates I think is cause for me can we talk profile pictures how hard is it to pick out a profile picture for these apps like I I don't know which one to pick I'm like in here taking their zillion photos and trying to pick out the best one plus they recommend that you put some sort of action shot in your pictures doing something you know like whatever it is that you enjoy doing I don't hike I don't kayak they don't rock climb like it's very hard for me to pick out and actually most of my pictures selfies most pictures I take have filters on them so I might have to take some more random shots doing stuff but I'm really struggling with the pictures pictures I'm really struggling with cheese and pictures this one the other thing I struggle with is the about Me section I find it extremely hard to sell myself and a lot of people in the same boat I mean so yes I'm looking for some tips any suggestions on what I could write in the about me part I will definitely add them into my little story and the other thing is my interest like I always find it hard to write them down some of them do have like examples that you can click on and I find that very helpful because I've been looking through oh yeah that's right I like music but apart from that and I struggle to add remember what my interests are these days I think I also need to rediscover myself and that is going to be big through this journey of online dating rediscovering Who I am because I think having kids it's also like I love my kids and I love being a mum right I feel like along the way you lose a little bit of yourself here and there so you know last year I turned 40 last year at 10:40 and my kids under library 1716 and 15 like time to move out already guys so this year I really need to concentrate on me and rediscovering who I am and what I like to do just running the kids to basketball and dance which we all know I'm gonna be doing it but remembering what it is that makes me happy what makes me smile and get up every day Wow can we also talk about profiles where guys have no shirts on now some girls love that sure I mean who doesn't like to see a nice looking car that I showed on but when it comes to dating and that's I don't know that's the first picture I see of you I'm like dude some clothes long leave something to the imagination maybe I'm old-fashioned like that I like to see a guy in clothes the first message like what do you say this is why I like guys to message me first and if you're a guy messaging me don't dismiss it and say hi there or hey say something that's gonna make me interested in talking to you I'm gonna have the conversation I want to learn what you like and if we're gonna get it off you know if we are both boring old farts about to sit around and watch Supernatural online dating in general is freaking hard I hate dating people find it funny you know they love going out in different dates and meeting new people I don't like meeting new people in general I find it very hard to talk to people in a public setting that I don't know I hope the online dating experience works me this time anyways leave me comments down below and give me some ideas about what I can include in my story that's gonna set me apart from every other woman that is on these dating apps because I'm sure there are thousands of women who are gorgeous and awesome and smart and brilliant and athletic and loves to do all these other things so I need to stand out from those people so please give a girl a head and that does it for me I hope you liked this video give me a thumbs up and subscribe down below if you want to keep seeing more videos don't forget to click the little Bell button so that YouTube can notify every time I upload a video let me know you're done below if you have any video ideas for me and also what dating sites and you guys use that you recommend for many years only the ones that I'm using down below if anyone wants to give them a go and yeah that's about it for me so thank you for watching and I'll see you on it what do you think you profile picture on all my Deanie ups well wonder if you could do videos I think I'd get lots of dates it's very hard to excuse me right yes all that background noise that you can hear is Haley down the other end do they had gone the whole way watching team and in the sound just literally travels down here it's ridiculous to be the Battle of the cap all my neighbors hooning into their driveways we all can't remember when I was talking me up last year 10:40 so if this year anyway I was gonna say this year 141 what do you do but yeah and that's what's happening suits – I love the guy in the suit but anyways I mean say hey maybe if it's nothing or hey than send Hagee but you know nobody like I do because how do my job is to talk to strangers but it's really hard for me so I can't remember what I was going with that story I mean who wants feel like nobody wants to be alone forever hey saying that I can't be alone I'm very independent obviously I've raised three children single basically I bought myself for 17 years I feel like I just want to win it alone so on the weekend I did a little bit of researched and I so to stop at the top dating okay Torah another dating app that I'm really keen to try out is called hinge now hinge is caps just joining me you're right there you jump up on the window what what did you just do come on okay she's up cool sugar daddy like there's an app for everything I think I do okay thank you okay see ya okay in case you're wondering what this black thing is behind me it is a spray tan tent I store it in my little computer knock and I just want to show you how time this little look is okay sorry me it's a cat desk well yep hot box in summer it's freaking hot in here there is obviously no fan because it's tiny okay just thought you might be interested to see where I'm sitting right now because it makes your life better I'm also filming this after a long day at work it's been a hectic day a very busy day my makeup is looking ratchet like risk I rubbed everywhere I've got no makeup on my nose my lipstick is all off I look tired as as tired looks but yeah how could it my nose oh hello Torres decided oh no not interested even she doesn't want to know about my dating life

Friends With Benefits (Does It Really Work...?)

Friends With Benefits (Does It Really Work…?)

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Friends with benefits. What is it? Does it really work? And is so, what are the pros and cons of having a friend with benefits…? In this segment, I answer all of these questions and more. In all honesty, I see nothing wrong with having one, as long as everyone involved is fully aware of what’s going on and is completely capable of doing so without any problems. But, the main problem is the con of having friends with benefits. Which I explain in the video. And as you all know by now; these videos won’t be complete unless I tell you my side stories. I tell you all what happened with me when I met a girl at my college and we signed up to be friends with benefits. Please yall comment down below and let me know what yall thought of the story. Was I right to cut her off cold turkey from the stroke game? Or was she wrong for what she did in retaliation….? Also, tell me how yall feel about friends with benefits cuh. Do yall agree with it or disagree. If you agree, what are some good rules to follow when you’re in a friend with benefits type of fling? Have yall ever been in a “friends with benefits” fling? If so, what was the end result? Let me know in the comment section yall, I can’t wait to read it. Please don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and then SHARE!
So, until next time… Yall be safe out here cuh.
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[Applause] friends with benefits oh man yeah I'm ready to talk about this one y'all ready cuz I know what's good you – oh my god is debonair Aker pay attention now friends with benefits what does that mean for those who don't know or not too sure friends with benefits it's obviously a friend of yours this usually tends to be you know like a best friend or someone that you know for a good little minute but your label is titled a friend and occasionally y'all have sex together without any type of you know romantic relationship or commitment not to say I was against this I'll be a hypocrite y'all you know imma keep it real and say you know I've had female friends that I will sleep with it like you know it is what it is but it was established at first like you know what was going on between me and her meaning we were still just friends and nothing more but we gave each other rules to follow like you know no spending a night like no cuddling after and lastly my favorite no money oh damn I'm out – anybody telling everybody what's going on this is my healthy years y'all so I don't you know let's let's just keep him overnight right here nothing don't no no this is when I was younger but yeah I really feel like if you're gonna do anything like this man there should be you know a few guidelines to follow for both of y'all you know not explain why you know but first let's learn let's get into the meat of this friends-with-benefits thing so I know some of y'all probably thinking oh my god it's a veneer well are some of the pros and cons of having friends with benefits well viewers I'm explaining to y'all the pro having friends with benefits is this you already friends with each other so you know you should pretty much know or pretty much have an idea of how how they will react you know after sex how because I mean y'all y'all friends man I'm pretty sure y'all had talks about you know dealing with previous sex partners or whatever so with knowing that you will pretty much have an idea of how they act before after enduring sex another Pro is that no one has to know what y'all do man y'all can have random quickies any and every worker like like there's no strings attached so y'all good in a park at the beach in the office at her job in a car on the side of I'm just talking about what happened to me oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just betting anyway the list goes on and on no high body count doesn't say knowing they don't have an STD so you ain't gotta grow back that rebel and so forth and so forth what are the cons the kind of having friends with benefits is you know one of y'all is gonna fall for the other it's gonna happen another con is how can I save this were you getting a relationship right I almost guarantee you you're not gonna tell your significant other that hey I'm still friends I'm still cool with this guy oh this girl that I used to sleep with I guarantee you man especially if it's someone that you really feeling and some of that you really want to get serious with I can guarantee you you're not going to tell them anything about her or him and that's a con even though it was in the past you know it was before y'all got together so it shouldn't matter okay cool I get it but still man me personally when I'm in a relationship I'm not going to be chilling with or be friends with any females that I was previously sleeping with or doing anything sexual with like nah but like that's extremely disrespectful especially if they don't know if you tell them and they say it's cool that you still hang with them all right cool that's something different but if you call my honey back knowing that you used to sleep with this person and they don't even know nothing about that that's disrespectful to them man and that's a huge con man in my painting leaves that's that's that's a huge condiment if you having friends with benefits you know still laying around even after you're in a relationship because the only thing that's gonna do is like cause unnecessary insecurities in your relationship that shouldn't have to be there in the first place bro y'all know my black guys got stories for days man so let's get into story mode y'all ready so some years ago in my previous college before I graduated I became a part-time employee at the library I was working at the front desk or whatever right so this girl comes up and she's like oh I need help printing can you help me this is my first time here I've never used this printer before I'm not all right cool say my gosh you Rock help me with that little short big ass I girl with glasses I'm all the way turned on at this point cuz I'm like oh I love the way you're looking at that printer and looking at me at the same time okay I'll see you anyway so I hope her print or whatever and she says thank you and she walks away about a week maybe two weeks later my campus was having a student life award show and you know your boy got nominated for a couple of or whatever you know you boy had doing good you know but um the after war show ends guess who comes running up on me little cockeyed she's like oh hey you're the guy to help me print last week thank you so much again for helping me oh you look great at the fetal you wish you think of pink I'm like hell yeah let's do it what's up I use my bone you know me and her we take a picture or whatever she's like oh it's gonna picture to me hello asleep cockeyed ass she gave me her number I said the tour and she thanks me and we go our separate ways bro she texted me the same day mesh she texted me you know how happy she was seeing me and how she wanted to ask me for my number back when she first met me but she was too scared or whatever so y'all know it still she say that I jump into that mode immediately I'm like oh I'm trying to slide man what's up she tells me her mom leaves for work tomorrow morning at 6:00 so I should be there around 7:00 I'm like saying oh mama be that 6:15 yeah I already know how that go man so I hop my ass on the 55 because I think she stayed she stayed on commercial and Rock Island I hop on the 55 to go see her I knock on the door you know she opens it or whatever y'all y'all pretty much know what happen already so let's speed it up so a couple of days go by and she hits me up and she's like hey my mom's going to Haiti for two weeks and I'm gonna be here by myself you should come over and stay with me until my mom gets back y'all know damn well I want to stand nowhere for two weeks no I tell her I'm like nah man you know that straight I appreciate you for asking but no no I'm good but I did tell her I'll be there Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday to go ahead and handle that what happen y'all like that friends-with-benefits lasted a couple months and you know he got super large like her like we keep cookin up like we might as well make this official what's up Oh remember earlier when I said the con I'm having friends with benefits is someone eventually with catch feelings well that was me y'all ain't gonna lot of y'all man your boy got caught slippin out here man damn Bobby you know I understand to tell y'all man y'all know I ain't got no problem here in my dirty laundry I got caught slippin out here I caught Phyllis I called Phyllis I ain't ashamed to say man I know all the man I had that's been whipped before I know only one no charge of my comments talk about damn bro you got that's what your whereas you and all the person I hear looking stupid come on now yeah maybe boycott hook more lots of y'all man it is what it is man your boy got caught slipping out here fellas y'all know I ain't on the person man come on now we all ran to see that one girl bad day ended up being more of a freak than us all Marvel freaking we anticipated and we underestimated her now you over here 26 strokes in it you were like you made a horrible mistake wait anyway man I mean let me keep him over here huh so how could I say hey you know we've been hooking up on and off or whatever man like let's make it official what's up this girl gives me the most BS answer I've ever heard a female give me breath she says oh devenir I would love to be in a relationship with you you know what you're doing and this that and the third but um how many just got to focus on me and get myself right with God Jesus is the only man for me I'm like what I'm like bro what do you mean Jesus the only man like bro you literally would sneak me in your house on Sundays while your mama was in the bathroom doing our damn hair for a quickie and all of a sudden you got to get yourself right with God all of a sudden Jesus the only man for you married the hell out of here man so after that man like I became a complete dumbass man like I ain't gonna lie to y'all man like I tell her well wind together you ain't gonna get no more that's Garcia sausages for breakfast what's up and y'all know exactly what Garcia sausage I'm talking about the moment the white and red boxes on her with the flames on it man come on now anyway to make a long story short after I told her that and she laughs like I was joking something I wish I was but unfortunately you know I wasn't whatever but I was dead ass trying a couple little cockeyed ass matter later and she rejected me yeah I would never forget it so a couple weeks ago by and for those couple weeks she's calling me she's texting me to talk about all come through come through all my mom's left work on my mom just fell asleep come through whatever whatever and I just kept ignoring her oh I just keep giving her whatever stupid excuses I came up with eventually she gets mad and starts to play victim on my campus y'all like I would and this point pissed me off the most I would never forget this like like this this is a true story y'all like she gets mad at me and then goes on campus and tells everybody there you know how I'm a ho and I played her and I made it look stupid in the Hashi I made her fall in love with her and I was a womanizer and all this other crap and I couldn't believe how that bro Sears right now and I did this time we doing it by really needless to say me and her never hooked up after that like after that we was done like that was it you not going to be sitting there spreading lies about me all because you didn't get what you want I didn't get what I want I gotta say I kept it moving you see me going around spreading lies oh she did on the album I'm not on that bird like didn't work out between me and you alright cool let me keep moving but I'm not gonna get my feelings about anybody's because we can't sleep together because we're not sleeping together anymore no girl that's how it goes people come and go it is what it is so what's the martyr story all well the more of the story is there are pros and cons to having friends with benefits unfortunately the con always outweighs the pros eventually it's gonna outweigh the pro that's just how it goes I don't care how hard or how tough you think you are at the end of the day we are all human the main ones that be doing acting all hard like they like being got feelings so they can handle their emotions or whatever they'll goes on like the main ones our fee most sensitive I say that to say this you may think you can handle a friends with benefits type of bling but I'm gonna tell y'all right now we are all human what does that mean we all have emotions we all get attached and we can all get hurt as embarrassed as I am about the story cuz I deserved a man like I was I was out here trying to do something I couldn't handle I was out here trying to be someone and something that I wasn't I was out here writing checks that my ass couldn't cash are y'all paying attention I have no problem doing videos like these man I have no problem doing videos like this y'all probably look at these videos there's entertainment I look at all these videos that upload on my channel has life lessons that's it I don't see no entertainment none of these videos I mean I know sometimes some people tell me oh you funny you save is anything okay cool but I still want y'all to know that there's a message behind these videos sometimes you get it sometimes you don't but you know I'm hoping y'all do get it when you watch these videos these are scenarios I went through that someone else can learn from you know what I mean I didn't have anybody telling me these things like how I'm telling you are now cold like and that's real but I'm glad I went through it because it made me the man that I am today especially here I was sleeping with man like I always heard the best man like I watching but if she is somehow watching I wish you the best I know you told me he was majoring in I think psychology or sociology or something like that can't remember but I hope you pass on class I hope you got your degree and everything like that I wish nothing but the best for you man yeah I was kind of set with you you know about spreading those false rumors about me but it's all good you know I forgave you for it you know it is what it is I think I know negative energy towards you know arewell intentions none of that course you'd be best I ain't got number love for you man and I mean that because at the end of the day we both was young as hell acting like we was grown and it backfired on both of us you know so it is what it is anyway y'all coming in let me know what y'all think cuz did I hit the nail on the head with this one well this is a completely swing-and-a-miss also tell me tell me how y'all feel about friends-with-benefits car like do y'all agree with it y'all disagree with it is this something that y'all will consider doing was this something that you consider doing in the past and if you do agree like what are some good rules to follow like like like what are some good guidelines that y'all two should follow and lastly how do y'all feel about my story that I told y'all about man like do y'all think I was in the wrong for going into stupid mode like that and just like cut her off cold turkey from the stroke game or do I think she was in the wrong for spreading those false rumors about me on on campus you know in retaliation I can't wait to read it y'all thanks for watching please please please if you haven't hit that subscribe button also to hit that Bell Samoan side so anytime I make an upload the notification to pop up and alert you also to hit that like and share I'm looking for to reading all your comments if any so until next time y'all be safe a haircut sometimes in life we get so caught up in that perfect ideal woman for a perfect ideal man that he doesn't mean sometimes we lose sight of the good men and the women it's right there in front of us due to them having kids and that's not cool man which is a very real with you man and I'm guilty of doing that as well I'm guilty of doing that you know difference between me of you is I you know I can admit to it like we gotta give people the benefit of the doubt you don't said because everybody deserves to be loved and everybody deserves to be happy in a relationship everybody deserves to be with someone that they really want to be with the finish line I might pass so egotistic so cocky so conceited cuz I'm better than your average I'm mad sick when I spit that when I spent that blow she gonna wanna catch my drift soon as a nigga get some money

3611 HUERTA Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

3611 HUERTA Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121

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The Virtual Tour for the property at 3611 HUERTA Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121 listed for $80,000: Other homes for sale by William Schlaf of Signature Real Estate Group: Rv Hookups!!! Very Nice Private Lot Located In One The Best Mobile Home Communities In The City!!! Existing Double Wide Is Un-Livable But Lot Is Great And Has Rv Hook Ups! Sold As Is Where Is This Is A Steal! Quiet Tranquility Of Paradise Township In The Heart Of The East Side Of Vegas Where It All Started!!!Come See It Seller Is Motivated And Ready To Get This Done Asap!!!

How I got my sugar daddy to pay for my secret wedding (plus never before seen pics)

How I got my sugar daddy to pay for my secret wedding (plus never before seen pics)

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Here is a short text convo from when I was with Brad. It explains how I began to start funding my secret wedding with my bodyguard/lover. At the end of the video is a slide show of never before seen pictures of Brad too -Learn how to get a LEGIT sugar daddy by reading my book ‘Sugar or Hooker’

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I found an old cellphone and it's got text messages from Brad on it I was going through the pictures the attachments and there's pictures of me in a wedding dress look at the hell why only pictures of me in a wedding dress and I remembered oh right me and the bodyguard we're gonna get married um the year after that so I told him I was like let's see we can get Brad's page good wedding he's like how on earth are you gonna get your sugar daddy to pay for our wedding I'm like honey watch me so I started with the dress and I was able to get Brad to pay for the dress and this is how I did it okay so let's see I had a crazy sex dream hon we're at the Beverly Hills Hotel and you picked me up and held me by my legs and against a wall then you came so much you lost control of your and it ruined my dress so I'm feeling pretty good lol I wonder if I was dreaming that it was my wedding day so by me giving a hypothetical situation like I was having a dream it was my wedding and he was able to participate in this wedding fantasy he took the bait right away and hypothetically bought me something the dress a replacement in fact I'm sure I would replace your soaked dress unless it was your wedding dress you're fired up to get by me on your wedding day so what happens next if I'm gonna agree with him and then I'm gonna bring this into reality I think you're right I never have sex dreams but it was so hot then I tried to get in your hotel room when the staff wouldn't let me because you weren't there so I had to go back to my room interesting stuff hey my lingerie of the month came yesterday after this cup of coffee I'm gonna try it on for you I should get some brighter lingerie to so we can pretend it's my wedding night yeah you should get some Bridal lingerie that's super hot and yes you should try the other stuff on since you seem corny are you up for coming over and draining me if I do can I have some shopping money for the lingerie and we got it just put four K in your account the rest of the first of the month and one K for bridal lingerie and a cheap wedding dress for clarification I don't remember what my allowance was at this point so I don't know if he was giving me 4,000 or if you gave me 5,000 just just a note I don't remember here is the actual dress and the lingerie I see he gave me $1,000 to accomplish both of those things but whenever Brad gave me money to buy something I would always buy the cheapest thing I possibly could so I could pocket the rest of them of the money so for sure I know that this was not a thousand dollar dress but I wanted a long-sleeve dress because I wanted to cover up my tattoos after I realized that I could start to get him to really fund the wedding I had birds start paying me in jewelry and what we did over time is I dissected the jewelry and collected the diamonds to make my own engagement ring after we made it it ended up being oh gosh it's several carats things like three or four carats but it's just so freaking ugly because it's from all these different pieces of jewelry but we did actually have it made I'm glad we did it I'm glad we had it made but eventually ended up getting a much nicer engagement ring okay I hope you enjoyed that little that little finesse lesson and I'm glad I didn't I'm not getting married in that dress I don't know I just wanted to like something sweet and conservative but it's just not really Who I am but you know it was it was a fun game and I won all right I'll see you over the next video bye as I'm editing this I just want to let you know no I'm not married yet so many things happen that gear that's when I started getting my autoimmune disease and I got really sick then I split with Brad then I started my company d he started his company also Brad died so we are gonna get married not sure but it were the closest we've ever been so that will be fun I'm still not gonna show you a picture of him even when we're married though maybe of us holding hands but I'm gonna blur out his hand so you don't even know what color he is why should it matter