[XQC FLASHBACK] First Media Monday | xQc Reacts to Funny Internet Videos with Chat! | Part 2

[XQC FLASHBACK] First Media Monday | xQc Reacts to Funny Internet Videos with Chat! | Part 2

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every day yeah why is laziness this sensor the bag did oh come on dude I want love you made on the line that's rusted which is illegal it's not though I let me California why did I cook like him blaze on the changes slut Reapers story oh did I collapse she's coming funk come on bruh % bless Jesus Christ it's love your streams the band's issues and you know this is the time of my life that I will really look back and appreciate you know it's a gift and it's not just a gift for me but I try very hard to do that that very respect they expect so this actually really sad that yeah no joke dude jokes aside in that story Santa he was always so there's no IDs xqc check that's in here at a younger age did I used to love monkey bars and shit they are if they are F I sent three I did appreciate what is this oh okay clap he stopped Monte's everything over there I think he says well I wrote this song for the Christian I'm a kid the Christian truth if you wanna I would think so boy I almost don't see I have to get four times it buddy that's why it was hit Tyler one can be a violent one he's punching holes in this wall and he's holding his dog stand atop of his head looks like he's from another planet drywall damaged five six short fuse that's a high risk no shirt looking like a science experiment creep between the sheets Keats on his teeth while he scripts on Twitch a fake drops his meat cutter in a mumblin you can't even talk with him or even though the conversation due to the autism is hyda short his shitty mic the source will try to come in because I can approach in the phase chat spam in the plants get bear from the gaze when you can't get your way stand up like a man on the up to my knees autistic screech the Sigma shadow mmm Genesis I'm gonna do what does this shows we'll check out my didn't wait down here I stopped in a convenience store I'm waiting in line to pay and the guy in front of me puts down a dozen donuts two big bags of Doritos one of those cheapo 1 gallon bottles of the generic brand fruit punch and a nasty old rotting banana he turns to the clerk and says Tim my girlfriend just had an operation she can only certain things I look at it I look at it when I go yeah right what did she have a bong hit transplant sad story that was dog shit turn this shit all the way up here for fuck sakes dude it's my ears when I turn it down actually hi boys louder spike of agenda time to go back in time for this one smile what you didn't timestamp it can't go around King Olaf did K comrade I'll come when he thinks as for my vision what was that shortwave take it down what you say feels good man fucking old xqc voice WTF what has overwatch done to this poor so hey guys my name I'm the current tank for teams and so you might know me from so I can't watch this nice when I record myself speaking up I can do it it turns out to be just straight girl so today I just I just thought I would do a pod review of one of my games this is a game from solo queue and my place TV it's like a it's a game that I win but it's not like my best holy fucking shit this game takes place on the watch point Gibraltar and it's like a 3.9 K Raider game I believe I believe violent Sherlock and carnage or both like super close to Forte mangas like a Viking days for you was really fucking I really fucking high not more you're like 421 us it was very light holy fuck did isn't one of those for those thunder nails we talk about that fireman holy fucking shit did once the fuckin holy boys Nestle stressful hey it looks like Arizona's look like a cow to giraffy said Jeff Dean said the things of jerky but this disc yeah not it's a to VHS blond boys Mitch Jones ecstasy and ninja okay okay okay dip it into the game that somebody leaves you said a little colder flaming name because I gotta put it in layman's terms up to the murder you Nick you better spread the word up their words to my head with hurt the first to say it hurts to say I said it first live life like a baby that was there that bird became alive and fuck the nurses if you don't like it tell the chicas jump busy feeling dog shit lafrana no Fran for fuck sakes did for fuck sakes oh oh come on Dee Oh No adi girls did he's just bad luck dude fucking shit oh come on dude who does that I even turned the volume up it is it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country the o2 a b tch okay no that's like the only one that's worse is the one where you flip around so much we should never see more pirate smile tickets for dunya that's got to be the best part I've ever seen so this Austin super all banana operators mention she's my ears did [Applause] who listens to this deliver their whole – and elbows fine I'll just bang on some fucking Canada some shit me me smile it says baby let's go again I got you didn't we hello this baby in marrow [Applause] that doesn't leave me at all as a gambler say pecks yes gambler apex yeah well Jen like Tama Brett well Jenna did that he's got the moves only shit if we let it as we ask I got some moves look at him now that all did that's Manu then holy shit look at the face boom look at the fetal records before working but working Oh wonder – definitely no watch don't watch League have something like that no the friend rap hell yeah I'm a Lutie uncertainty Wow me yeah a that's of the shut your fucking mouth go back there a second I mean we still only [Applause] weaves in voice it's the thing second is matter animate Rosa governing them all wait no numbers in a chat feels about it xq c / trihard hey said you might have a shit try hard these weren't buckets that was that was racist Hardison he's got you know dude it it was already skip it Oh refills given is he daddy I'm sorry dad excuse al yeah that was a Moxie no little much you've got the beginning hey you ever heard a dust ball kid not really well then believe me when I tell you there's carpet you can watch outside PSP it's like carpet you can watch outside what who didn't get this scene and thought you might like monk all this way for you for a long time sniffing ads look for today what did you in it did you like any more artisan to me here's a freak it's just feeling steady and you get this in your right she's pretty hard – all right please ah what the fuck man bazinga Jesus Christ poor head first distract target then block is behind jab will attempt wild haymaker employee elbow for psychological recovery six-month liveleak was on liveleak yeah that's like a facebook video oh not the bees dude fucking devil ID isn't a villager spend Johnson bitch fuck is this two watches was that okay it's nighttime it's super dark and you lying in bed like hey I wanna see some stars but how are you gonna see some stars with all these closed blinds in your in your room well let's open the blinds and maybe we're gonna see some stars out today cut the Superdome okay I'll come to give it up holy shit what hey guys I removed the cue for an hour sometimes I dress up my dog in my summation and pretend it's my sister when I fuck it because the mother player chat spam 123 horse alabanza you know why your violin [Applause] what's happening it yeah Oh the months ye remove the video because it was us hide video show video I reset it ever since ano you Coco me the company know this girl Oh do us look a little nothing mother Danny monk or what's the skeleton hand many what's wrong with it hey Kate Conrad boys of course it's Russian oh is it yeah I have to manually show them I don't know why that's we go no but it is that [Applause] [Applause] it's sent Oh she knew what is Ali fucking anything where's Ali oh no Vanessa what's Ali a dude it's really good I don't know those ladies are coming and oh please to make something jag är didn't I this is pretty good actually how's it I have that tubulars has one Michael's actually Montez they run three wide in the glory with our timestamp holy shit large crowds in Mobile's Crichton community many of you brain binoculars can quarters even camera phones to take pictures to me eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night if you shine a light in its direction it suddenly disappears this sammich ur sketch resembles what many of you say the leprechaun looks like others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories and explanations for the image whether they're grills on hasn't a shadow from the other lamb holy fuck dumber a piece of either oh god it's so good much love from KGI Aladdin and cage we go a gun okay I beat the fuck out of my dick so goddamn hard that I can't even feel my left leg my left leg hasn't went totally numb oh Jesus yes sir no Johnny what's up [Laughter] hi this is xqc and oh my fucking god Felix also love you be okay watch those [Applause] smile holy shit my hair's a smile okay pay please we're bad boys look at that foam on the walls did that's it sick it all will organize that literally has no utility zero nuclear wrote you Ruby Ruby Ruby this is what I wanna know shit burn them the wood spider is the most accomplished of all web building species recently scientists gave these tiny creatures a variety of psychoactive drugs to measure their effects on web delay when given a minut dose of LSD the spider's web took on an unfamiliar minimalist structure when given caffeine and as the web structure was not affected but the spider's behavior was given HC the active ingredient in marijuana the spider didn't build a web it built a hammock all day when given alcohol the spider built a web found a mate and raised over a hundred young but the mate got a restraining order and now the spider can't go within a hundred centimeters of the web the crack-cocaine spider figured building webs was for suckas waited till the caffeine spider is austin then came up behind it and popped a cap in it's a spider when winter came the marijuana spider had no place to live it ended up in the crack web as the crack spiders bitch the correct web or information on the crack spiders bitch contact the Canadian wild gooses bgx gang in the chat forehead holy shit fucking Greek men sign for the hands yeah when Greek was still excited by things dekes gameplay creaks blue juice video is pretty good XD really buddy top-40 now but yeah they all came together so quickly Hey the white devil jakey's game take his game pick your butt and go comrade Messner Hut hey comrade voice come on try yourself machine Danskin okay the streamwise and skip yet feels better just a nice time we go again chat I yeah clap boys that's gonna hear if I'm sure Oh my the music was really easy clap hey where's your son big black Austral up oh they're being judged today now that's so nice at the hell man let's border I want one of those dude fuck you guys did Opie Opie Opie Opie pagas fans oh hell yeah Ronnie get the fucking mic out of my face holy shit greater than PO gooks smiled oh shit he get so much fuckin juice again I'm gonna go yes intended what is this skipped skipped no I that was resist some I got it good job man skipped how do you get 10 bucks thinking it isn't a racist in come arborist about not calling French Canadians did here you go baby oh thanks that's another one of those Egan's then try at seven oh for fuck sakes dgx guys ggx there's none impetus on the gang it should be dying yes hang tight dad no punch it come on bro no question mark me it's just you soft it don't question mark me dude the cheapest and mother younger fucking like try out when you why I'm giving you who I am I'm gay I am actually pansexual I am transgender the ask is the Magette can you do the shaggy dance keke maka w donates a link but that's how you do it thanks a lot some of the how's it going pretty good really good actually yeah I just got this new car where's my car it's amazing oh that's really cool yeah it's like so shiny like the reflection that's not really cool that's boring um so do you want to go this party we're going to later party yeah it's gonna be a lot of fun Sarah from accounting she just got this new loft and she's having a housewarming party oh great okay well who's all going bill bill from accounting he's also gonna be going uh Rick from the seventh floor hey remember that girl from the office Christmas party she's gonna be going to it and it's these should uh what dude okay that that's okay I get it that's gross though that's not how you do that that's not how you do that you're doing it too slow stop it's just it's real fast and then you stop okay that's disturbing I can do that's not how you do that you serious okay you just do it fast and stuff that's it dude you're gross that you're grossing me out okay and stop making eye contact that's creepy too not cool you're crossing a line you never do that you touch man that's not cool Pepe hands trihard clap oh dude fried chicken oyster steak with 20 seized donations will go straight to my stomach okay listen mate oh did you fuckin at you right just had to make it explode right just had to you need subtitles time with a wooden case can go again if they schooner lounge in Omaha senior Yokohama suomalainen Avaya who was the over in very I think that also November on silicon nice thanks yes relation points less all band Thank You SP finish Oh Pepe motherfucking please in a chat boys hell yeah alums why smile that's it – yeah I don't see okay is that a fucking die dude angel thump anything tonight I'm having myself [Applause] turning inside out yeah I'm floating around so now I'm a ham in the good side I'm having a good sign I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky and like a tie I'm a racing car driving project lady come over go go go mr. fine alright I'm traveling at the speed of light i wanna make a superstitious manner of you as soon as this is the hell are you of course creak oh don't stop me now don't stop me cause I'm having a good time yeah rock shaped rubber bullet miles per collision I'm a satellite or outs of can out of control I'm a sex machine ready to reload like an atom bomb boo Mars it's a superbike it okay guys the dimensions of ocean thing is like a fuck oh for fucks sakes dude okay boys I just enable the live videos in – cute video of course chat of course you would do that how about some rap suicidal pistol grip pump give you some ravenous hoppin this is a way but the way ahead of the time we roll e shit doing for this death of course pet pants where's the valiant skin I mean you're right transcend they sort of fall under the appreciate the links have to be like in the finish and not on them but in scanner me for the division on it not in it they were breaking out Greek fold Greek pep hands same thing yeah this happened to me brah guys alo the Stanley we all needed are those broken what's going on this is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Oh a milepoc here you go mine actually broken yeah guys this is one we turned them off she said my channel already fit all those oh if I never seen one of those we turn them off and he's still derivative because we didn't know about not going that's not scandal I turn it off but he still donated it and they put the link inside the inside of the message because I didn't know I was off every time I since I can stream what am i watching puppies puppies my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined every time I turn into Greek huh let me get some Hey tell me poopy peepee tonight time it's super dark and you're learning bitch you're like hey what are you gonna see some stars with all these closed blinds in you in your room well let's open the blinds and maybe we're gonna see some stars out today yes I absolutely love you can annoy she's gone oh no that's so sad what the fuck Oh [Applause] what's wrong with you people what's wrong with you guys [Applause] / foxes that juice Nino looking good Felix get some of this you like to eat America loves to eat so why not open up somewhere a method to sit down enjoy a meal and get your feet rub will fry anything you won't for $5.99 as noses proble edible we're gonna make it deliver smile jesus christ almighty good job down there weren't ready our aim was my fucking steady yeah steady we're all up on that bitch once good it's good it's good four kills first place yeah

ONLINE DATING(read desc)

ONLINE DATING(read desc)

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If we can reach !5! Likes I’ll do this again on tender!

Ehhh I’ll do the dokkan any ways

hello guys today I am doing a video so um built my nation okay so yeah today we're going to be pranking some people yeah pranking I don't know okay so today I am serious pentile romance ready or not e I'm naughty today I'm naughty okay so I just want to I don't know if I have it all okay I don't know why I haven't uploaded in a while but I guess I could upload this today so okay about me okay while this is loading obviously I guess I guess you will do okay welcome to my world hello money chat if you don't want or something okay okay we got all day this other way hello oh my god she's falling oh that was all right we're just when I guess what you saying so this is some type of online dating enough to pay for your heart stop talking type I could barely make that out oh I can tell right here right here it says fuck I'm fine I am fine how are you awesome let me talk to her oh my gosh what a disaster this app is trash okay what up guys I'll be back okay so first a few minutes I've been waiting for this other girl to respond as you can tell there's no response so I'm one of the only one I had this the profile watching yeah I can touch the lexicon she looks like a gold digger and if you try if I become popular I'm sorry I'm just laughter no relationship never married I wonder what these bad boys look like maybe I should do this repentance what is it who's interested in me so you're attracted to me huh why stupid noobs with somebody but I'm giving them giving them my money hey this is not what I spell sigh sigh sigh did not a spell a word for a second what sponsor me doing with my life right now I'm not going on video content in these guys because you know you can just see it already what is the point of this I'm depressed oh yeah guys um one see some hacks yokan videos dragon ball z dokkan i'm these two likes on this vid then i upload a dragon ball z dokkan video well it looks like I'm not getting nowhere with my life right now um I'll give it one more try oh my gosh I don't care much a dumb premium I think she said there's something like that well as you get 5 likes on this video I'll do the same as I say go with 10 – yes tender and I will prick the mess out of these eyes okay so I'm gonna delete this so you guys like this video subscribe and like yeah until next time

OTG vs AUK dream11 team|Otago Vs Auckland Match Dream11 Team

OTG vs AUK dream11 team|Otago Vs Auckland Match Dream11 Team

Views:12088|Rating:4.65|View Time:9:11Minutes|Likes:482|Dislikes:36
OTG vs AUK dream11 team|Otago Vs Auckland Match Dream11 Team

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90 Day Fiance: Natalie said that Ashley is not really sick / This is a scam / Ashley speaks up

90 Day Fiance: Natalie said that Ashley is not really sick / This is a scam / Ashley speaks up

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“I just heard there are a lot of rumors going around from a lot of people, including disgusting Natalie, saying that this is fraud and I’m not really sick and I was spotted out,” Ashley said in the video, referencing her former best friend.
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[Applause] 90-day fiance Nathalie said that Ashley is not really sick / this as a scam / Ashley speaks up 90-day fiance Starr actually martsin has addressed her worried fans as well as skeptics of her health crisis in an Instagram live video she filmed from her hospital bed on Wednesday night I just heard there are a lot of rumors going around from a lot of people including disgusting Nathalie saying that this is fraud and I'm not really sick and I was spotted out Ashley said in the video referencing her former best friend well it's not being Railly sick is nothing to joke about dot after being found unresponsive in her home on Sunday morning Ashley was hospitalized and treated in the ICU because her battle with lupus had put her into kidney failure Todd Ashley then revealed Tuesday on Instagram she underwent surgery in which doctors placed a catheter in her abdomen to serve as the access site for peritoneal dialysis doctors are hopeful that dialysis will be temporary and that it will aid in helping her kidneys repair themselves please continue to pray that this works and that Ashley will not need a kidney transplant either way – Lee will be done for quite some time the Tuesday posting stated in her latest video update Ashley showed off her hospital bracelet with her name on it an attempt to prove she truly has been hospitalized and treated for a serious condition I don't know what more I can really do to prove this to you guys this is pretty stupid but I'm weak and I honestly don't give a f-ck what Natalie is trying to tell you guys ashley said in the video but I am here at dawn Ashley explained she had added her name to a do not list that prevents people from trying to visit her or sending flowers and letters they did just move me into a regular hospital room I am out of the ICU so that means I am getting better and hopefully I will be able to go home tomorrow and start to get better from there Ashley revealed yeah so so far things are going better than expected it looks like I won't need to go on a kidney donor list or anything doc the sixth season 90 day fiancé star continued it looks like dialysis for a little can actually I don't know I don't want to say the wrong thing because I'm so totally out of it but it's looking like dialysis is the only treatment I'll need right now I won't actually mean a transplant which is good – Lee also said her creatinine potassium and sodium levels are much better I just really appreciate everyone's prayers and just wanted to say thank you to everyone I know there was a GoFundMe set up and stuff and I will be out of work for a while and I do appreciate how a lot of people contributed to that I really do appreciate it Ashlee told her fans daughter GoFundMe account was started up this past weekend to allow donators to help Ashlee pay for her medical and hospitalization bills doggies of Thursday morning Ashley's GoFundMe page raised over three thousand three hundred dollars for the 90-day fiance star and so I just wanted to give you guys a quick rundown and let you know I'm okay I'm really sick and tired of being in the hospital I want to go home but I will soon ashlee confirmed so that's all I really wanted to say and anyone else who is battling this I really feel you because this is like the worst thing ever the worst thanks again everyone I am going to lay back down because I'm exhausted and I hope you have a great rest of your week Todd Ashley may very well be on the road to recovery but her heart still has to heal Todd Ashley's marriage to Jay Smith has been in turmoil ever since she discovered Jo was flirting with women on tinder just a couple of days after their Las Vegas wedding Todd is shown on 90 day fiancé 'he's recently concluded season ashley was completely devastated and has been struggling to decide whether to leave jay and send him back to his native country of jamaica or give him another chance and allow him to stay in the united states despite tension between them Jay apparently visited Ashley in the hospital earlier this week and insisted he will always love her and be there for her you

"Vijay 63 Poojai video" | Thalapathy | Atlee | Expect the Unexpected |

“Vijay 63 Poojai video” | Thalapathy | Atlee | Expect the Unexpected |

Views:603|Rating:4.72|View Time:1:13Minutes|Likes:17|Dislikes:1
“Vijay 63 Poojai video” | Thalapathy | Atlee | Expect the Unexpected

#Thalapathy #Vijay

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R. Kelly's Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, I'm No Hostage | TMZ

R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, I’m No Hostage | TMZ

Views:972521|Rating:4.19|View Time:2:16Minutes|Likes:2022|Dislikes:389
The woman whose family claims R. Kelly is holding her in a “cult” has a message for the world — she’s totally happy and okay … although she’s keeping her whereabouts under wraps.


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R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, I’m No Hostage | TMZ