Am I Just A Friend With Benefits? [Couple]

Am I Just A Friend With Benefits? [Couple]

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God bless whoever comments on other women’s concern. You are loved!

I’ve been seeing this man for five years now. He told me he was single when we met, but later on, after I’ve already started liking him, I found out that that was a lie. A friend of mine told me that he’s been separated for quite some time and has been living alone since then. When I confronted him about it, he admitted to having lied to me, apologized, and we continued with our relationship. Most people would consider the kind of relationship I have with him as, “Friends with Benefits” or as many call it, “FWB”. Because only meet a couple of times a month, needless to say, we sleep with each other when we do. I’m not even sure anymore if I’m seeing him because I’m lonely or because I really like him. I’m not sure how he acts around other people either but I know that he’s a great conversationalist, which makes me sad because he calls me every night and our talks are seriously lame. He just always asks me what I did the whole day, then almost automatically bids me goodnight after I’m done answering him. If he truly sees me as just his FWB, why does he call me every night? I’m so confused. And I know he is not an affectionate person but he does try to show me some affection when we’re together. And he shows interest in what I have to say or what I do. The thing is I once complained to him about our strange relationship, but he got angry and cut the conversation short. I think I want more from him now but the thought terrifies me because I don’t really know what he wants out of all this, and I’m not willing to bring it up to him again. Who knows, maybe he is just scared like me, or I could be reading it all wrong and at the end of the day, we are nothing but friends with benefits in his opinion. What do you guys think?

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