Classic Sitcom Secret Hook Ups - Gilligan's Island & Three's Company

Classic Sitcom Secret Hook Ups – Gilligan’s Island & Three’s Company

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Ever speculate what characters in your favorite TV shows would hook up or have an affair? Well now we can talk about and see exactly how that would play out! Breakout the old Trinitron with the wire hanger antenna and the pliers to turn the channel where the broken knob used to be and lets check out… Classic Sitcom Secret Hook-ups!..Possibly.

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22 thoughts on “Classic Sitcom Secret Hook Ups – Gilligan’s Island & Three’s Company

  1. My God i liked both shows!! I agree with u! U should do The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air or Laverne & Shirley, Good Time,Happy Days,That facts Of Life i can go on loved all the shows back then!
    Good video!

  2. Batman: Adam West Batman; Julie Newmar Catwoman. Batman: Adam West: Yvonne Craig: Batgirl. The 60's start of the "sexual revolution": millionaire. Robin too young for Catwoman both age and wallet, Batgirl too immature. Petticoat Junction: Ebb and Bobbi Jo. Steve and Betty Jo. Billie Jo someone from the big city.

  3. What about the missing white mother from the Cosby show? Sandra & Denise are clearly biracial, as opposed to simply being lite skinned blacks. Any other family sitcom would dedicate a full back story as to how mixed race children became a part of a single race family, especially if it was tried with a show like Brady Bunch. Bill obviously had a suspect appreciation for white women. Black audiences were short changed on how 2 biracial children became part of an alleged all black family.

  4. Ok threes company I forgot about lana and you're right. And yes janet should have gotten together. I always had a crush on janet, and preferred to chrissy and cindy. I did like terri but, janet stood out to me it was that short dark hair. You gotta do another one of these.

  5. The professor on Gilligan's Island could invent a radio made out of coconuts. But he never seem to be able to patch that hole up on the SS Minnow to get them off that Island.

  6. i might be wrong here but mr roper never gave any sexual attention to mrs roper but if chrissy or janet is around he act like he was having a boner then lol and larry wouldve boned them all or at least tried except for lana she was only interested in jack

  7. Dam I thought I saw every Gilligan's island,but I def didn't see the one when skipper was all over Ginger. today he would have gotten locked up for that conduct,. which is bull shit to me.. fk that me2 bs

  8. I was literally just sitting here thinking "I haven't heard from Nico for a while… I wonder when his next video will arrive" and right at that exact moment the little notification popped up, I swear to God!

  9. I kind of hated that they didn't let Jack hit at least one the two. I mean three good looking characters there's bound to be some sexual tension. As for Gilligan I think the only qualified male was the professor but, I wouldn't count the skipper out cause women will only leave a window of opportunity open for so long and if you don't come through; they'll move onto the next man. Since Gilligan was scared of pussy I'm sure Mary Ann or Ginger would've fucked the skipper

  10. I always thought Jack tripper the character hooked up with Janet it was so obvious they should've pulled the trigger like they did with Steve urkel and Laura Winslow or chachi and Joanie

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