33 thoughts on “Dame Dash EXPOSES Jay-Z For Dating Foxy Brown When She Was 15 Yrs Old 50 Cent Says He’s WRONG!

  1. And for you to talk Nick Cannon like you know what he's got going on his life is very ignorant on your part 50 Cent looks like a gangster but we've heard rumors about him and P Diddy so

  2. Oh and let me time in on these weak ass b**** that still supporting R Kelly pedofile f**** ass they need to be buried too

  3. F*** you dude for agreeing with 50 Cent If young girls are being molested by grown man because of who they are and other adults are letting it slide that know about it because of who they are shouldn't someone say something shouldn't someone say something is better now than ever because Jay-Z could still be f**** people's 15 year old daughters are Kelly is definitely f**** people's 15 year old daughters so any man that f**** think this s*** is cool I can't wait to watch you burn in hell

  4. So is this g code anything like the police blue wall of Silence where are you know you so called gangsters do whatever the f*** out wants young girls young impressionable females who don't have any real guidance in their lives and f*** them up so that they can't navigate any women in the real world and if so how can you be mad at the police when they f*** you black dudes over and framing out for s*** and keep silent about it you know what comes around goes around karma is a b** right y'all keep warm y'all y'all G-Code which is not going to go tell when one of y'all are doing something he'll you know I can understand if it's crime-related and you know y'all to make some money somehow but if another one of your homies it's smashing a little girl in 15 is a little girl I don't give a f*** what anybody say you need to be put under the jail simple as that I'll be highly pissed and found out some grown ass man was f**** my 15 year old child and other grown people knew about it and didn't say s***

  5. nick is from the hood he got family that bang in sd…. i got homie in sd that know his hood and they from the hood too..

  6. Isnt that the problem nobody is sayn nothing now or never but 50 always have an opinion abt somen he needs to focus on his relationship with his son j got daughters an so do kelly would they allow that for their daughters well kelly would fck his daughters but would it be ok for jz daughter at 15

  7. Don't undermine cannon just cause 50 big don't mean shit the man speaking hus mind it does have to be a fight Everytime black men disagree with one another that bullshit

  8. And he'll yeah Nick can stand up against 50 cents as long as he's not hiding behind a gun..I have never heard of him kicking nobody's are but maybe a woman..so yeah ..my vote would go to Nick..don't be so thick to count him out because forf real Nick is rough and comes from a rough family … do maybe 50 needs to shut his mouth and leave Nick alone before his nephew kick his ass..

  9. Come on son just stop it. Did Foxy Brown look like a child to you? Young? Yes. Psychological immature? Probably. But a child? No.

  10. Please, the real know what’s happenin Nick cannon connected… Lincoln Park all day… 50 don’t want them problems… clack clack clack clack

  11. Dame dash ain’t say NO shit like that you Lame ass nigga do yo RESEARCH & actually watch the interview he said don’t ask me nigga that’s a question for that man

  12. @Lionel B… Nick been in the game for a long time and just because we know him to be funny that doesn't mean he has no gangsta, Hammer had niggaz shook…. Fifty and Nick wouldn't fight both of them have too much to lose, and all this shit will be swept under the run in a day or two probably less

  13. Damian Dash did not break the dam story it was XL magazine broke the story back in around 2006 seven or eight do not quote me on the time I actually had the magazine in my collection cuz at that time I was a Jay Z fan. And they asked foxy and her three brothers that were there or two brothers at Fox's it's enough with small smile but her brother co-signed on it the Jays pick up foxy up from school so this is why I don't know this is nothing new

  14. Dame WAS foul for that…That's FOXY'S place, to out that situation!..Maybe Foxy didnt want ppl knowing about that!!..Sleeping with a camel at ANY age is hard to process…maybe she wanted to take that whole situation to the grave!

  15. Influences to the mind a minor and consensual sexy is to total different things! Many women stop becoming virgin very early 12-13-14-15-16 yrs old they convicted Tupac- Tyson of rape when you know fkn well women know matter how your make adult choices! On who they wanna and gonna have sex with! How many so call under women other artists/actors had sex with 20-30-40 yrs ago and NEVER MADE IT KNOWN? YOU DUMASSES!

  16. Everything brewing right now for a beef between Gucci and Eminem which Gucci recently dissed and Nick vs 50 which Nick revealed Gucci offer to take care of Em for him during the time Nick and Em was beefing

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