DINO DATING LOVE SONG (One Hour Song Machine)

DINO DATING LOVE SONG (One Hour Song Machine)

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Keith Leak Jr teams up with Carlie Craig from MAD TV to take on the challenge of creating a brand new song in only ONE HOUR!

Jam out with host/vocalist KEITH LEAK JR., resident piano man Scotty P., and a special musical guest star every other week when they collaborate to create an original song inspired by two random items and a musical genre in just ONE HOUR.

Hosts: Keith Leak Jr
Talent Guest: Carlie Craig
Producer: Sunny Peabody
Creative Director: Joe Bereta
Director of Photography: Grant Babbitt
Assistant Editor: Stephan Erdmann
Associate Producer: Sarah Whittle
Music Director: Scott Passarella
First Assistant Director: Kathy Sue
Production Designer: Mike Nagy
Art PA: Claire MacDonald
Camera Op: Robin Pabello
Assistant Camera: Jameo Duncan
Gaffer: Connor Bodell
Sound Mixer: Ivan Harder
DIT/Media Management: Zach Butler
Post-Production Coordinator: Matt Zimel
Equipment Manager: Joseph Kramer
Production Assistants: Sean Hyatt, Rachel Burson, Ryan O’Toole

31 thoughts on “DINO DATING LOVE SONG (One Hour Song Machine)

  1. We need this on iTunes NOW ♥️ love you Keith

    Edit: It would’ve been really funny if it was daba daba booo like he had… you know, a boo

  2. I cannot believe you made this song in an hour!!!!! Not to mention the dance routine! You are both crazy talented! I always knew Kieth was but I have never seen Carlie before and she blew me away!

  3. Yes keith is good at dancing and singing but you can just like see noah in the backround like thinking i want to be in it XD

  4. Would really love this show but there are always only 2 prompts which means the song is probably already written which kinda ruins it :/

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