Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 2 of 3

Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 2 of 3

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35 thoughts on “Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 2 of 3

  1. Reekey Very good video as usual mate look i was married for 42 years to a girl from Cebu filapina s are very strong in the HEAD temper good wife and very good mother but dont talk to any girl or any friend they want full report who is that girl where do you know her from so over the TOP

  2. Oh Sh1t, I already signed up to Christian Filipina and am talking to a few girls, aghhh why I didnt see this video 2 weeks ago!!Oh man.

  3. Just joined a site. Do all conversations with Filipinas so bland? I know they're more reserved but damn. Can't tell if they're real or just going off a script eventually gonna ask for money down the road.

  4. Or lady boy with sexy pics…People in the Philippines knew almost everybody till the next town so 20 minutes is a bit close hehehe just saying.

  5. I met a beautiful Filipina on and we got to know each other for 3 months before I flew from the US to Cebu City to meet her. I spent the next 2 1/2 wonderful years with her. Some of these women don't want to go to bars or hang out in the mall to meet a good man. If they are working an office job or whatever, most do not have time to go out and socialize. They can find someone they could not otherwise find the more usual ways so they go online. You can find beautiful women with a golden heart on a dating site that you would NEVER see in the bars or malls. It's worth signing up on a dating site. You can also make a date with many wonderful ladies on the spot from a dating site!

  6. Agree and disagree. I waited until I knew I would be there in six months to go on the website. So that would give me 1 to 3 months to find the right girl. When you're picking someone that you're going to marry and spend the rest of your life with you need to be picky and not just expect to find the person in the first week. So I spent about two months chatting with girls until I discovered the right one. Then it gave me over three months of chatting with her to make sure that she was the right one before I got there. The last thing I would recommend someone do is get to know someone for two or three weeks and then travel over there and see them and find out they are completely different than what you expected. Relationships are tough for the first six months to say the least. You're going to fight and argue have disagreements and misunderstandings. You need to learn and understand each other. You cannot do that in the matter of a couple weeks. I highly suggest anyone looking for a Filipina wife spend a minimum of 1 to 3 months looking for the right girl. And then spending at least 1 to 3 months getting to know her. This is coming from someone that has been there more times than I can count over the last 15 years and I'm currently married to a Filipina.

  7. I WOULD LOVE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL and JUST STAY WITH HER. But fuck they aren't able to do shit for me for loyalty, delete ex's posts, not lie, and not cheat. God bless it. Whether you're religious Catholic or not they will lead you on as a friend, keep you asa friend, cheat, etc.

  8. Why the fuck isn't it both ways online on facebook? I always get lies from them like any other lady. I think you've glorified them too much at least by age of 17-29

  9. Filipina ‘Romance Scammer’ is still targeting Canadians online
    Published on November 10, 2016 by Lotte van Rosmalen – Canadian Fraud News
    A Filipina ‘Romance Scammer’ has been using the internet to scam men to supplement her cash income, gain citizenship and even attempted to prostitute herself. Several complaints online report that she lied about her health saying she suffers from a mental illne…ss and was hospitalized for three months (report).
    Working together with her sister Gayle Zannett Luyun
    A victim who lost $5000 in March this year reports at the BBB Scam Alert: “May Claire Luyun in Toronto contacts you online and offers to meet you. Then, her sister Gayle Zannett Luyun starts sending messages about how her sister Claire is too shy to ask for money. The whole thing is a scam” (BBB Scam Tracker). In a Facebook post, a victim called Wayne Cook reports that she works as a prostitute (Facebook post). She also seems to use immigration and job offers to scam people out of money (Dating scam report). The latest complaint dates October 31 at an online dating complaints website: “Ms. May Claire Luyun will bleed you dry guys. All she wants is your money. If she opens her mouth she is a LIAR..” (Dating complaints website).
    Online scammer asking money for his mother
    It is also alleged that the sisters Gayle Zannett (44) from the Philippines and May Claire (42), living in Toronto, are connected to and friends of ‘Jimmy Roberto’. He is another romance scammer who targets women. “Jimmy Roberto has many aliases and uses multiple profile photos of himself as a military general in the US Army and as a medical doctor. He also claims to be an Engineer living in Scotland and/or Montreal, Quebec, in Canada.” He would ask his victims for money to take care of his mother, saying that with 210,000 pesos/$700.00 he would be able to pay all the bills for his mother’s discharge at the hospital.
    Remember: Never send money through any wire transfer service to someone you met online. The chances of recovering your money are very slim. (FBI)

  10. Some good girls but also a lot of scammers the knack is to separate the two before you get too involved. Always check the girl you have met.

  11. thanks indeed for all your lovely and important advises here. so yoou are living iin Bohol., god the security for foreners is a big issue,in your place Abusayyaf people have oprated newly last week maybe 4 or more were killed, i pray god for a nice change in your lovely country,been there 4 times in many different area,but this time i love and i must meet you fir a serious isse to find a true love soulmate, i hope. best wish for all of you.not have FB, and dont like there to be. through mail or some othere free sites like whatsApp that i have I,m more comfortable. t am a plan later,good luck

  12. I'm at that stage now, had plans to meet online girlfriend in Manila, and her family, too, but recently had to cancel flight for reasons beyond my control. Now in the doghouse, but not because flight canceled, it's because she quit her job just to be with me all 4 weeks and now unemployed. I agree I owe her for that, so what exactly do I do now? Pay her lost wage? Or try once again getting over there to make amends? Just can't afford doing both now, but willing to do the right thing here, if there really is a right thing to do.

  13. As someone that went to a dating site and ultimately married a Filipina from that dating site everything he says is 100 percent accurate. You don't even need a dating site. Just show up and meet someone at the mall or anywhere. They look at every white male like they are Brad Pitt.

  14. Very very true everything you said is right on point. Most guys have no clue. If you are serious and have been talking to a one particular girl stick with that plan if you think you can leave her for a minute or two so you can go to another island and date other women uh uh uh she ain't gonna let you and if you don't take her with you kiss that relationship goodbye !!..

  15. @ 4:35 : Yep so true, but that is again a one way street. Don't think for a second the SHE will not talk to other guys and, of course, SHE will not tell you. Then later, if you find out she is doing that, there are two thing that can happen.
    ONE : she tells you "yeah, but that's different" and if you have the nerve to confront her and go deeper in the subject, she goes TAMPO.
    TWO : She goes straight away in tampo mode, without telling you "that's different".

    They have there own views and,….. filipinas are ALWAYS RIGHT, end of story, no discussion. They are so unbeleaveable possesive and take a lot "for granted", even BEFORE it becomes an issue.

  16. It's true, that when you chatting a couple of weeks or month, and woman think that he is serious with you, then she want you to be her boyfriend. Some cases, mostly men I meet online, they only want sex and they didn't want a serious relationship. After a couple of weeks he didn't reply all my messages. It's really hard to find a serious man. Only at first two weeks, after that he gone. Why it is so?

  17. It's shameful to both parties bcoz most of girls only want money and guys wants only sex n play. I hope all this websites will be blocked by the gov.

  18. asian dating sites are what got me interested in the philippines. i am currently an admin at one of them. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay for a site. most sites have their own chatrooms which are also free. i agree with 99% of the things you have said here. one thing i have noticed is that the girls who are the most forward seem to be the ones you should probably avoid. one of the best things about these sites is that we have set up annual gathering in phils and this provides a way of a "safety in numbers" situation. As Henry says, be causcious always.

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