Full Episode- Milner vs. Sensley: The Sneakin' Deacon

Full Episode- Milner vs. Sensley: The Sneakin’ Deacon

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Latoyia wants husband John to ‘man up’ and be there for her and their kids. John says Latoyia won’t let go of his past infidelities and disrespects him around the house. Can Judge Lynn Toler bring this couple’s marriage back from the brink of collapse?

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33 thoughts on “Full Episode- Milner vs. Sensley: The Sneakin’ Deacon

  1. When you get married you don't have male and female friends thats when you are single. When you are married you have married friends.

  2. The man thinks he is sleak. Look at him, the action of these men will backfire when they grow old and helpless… This woman divorced her husband for you and you turning around to bite her ass.

  3. His voice is irritating.

    But he’s the ultimate, bum-ass for him to actually get married just to escape financially supporting his children!!! Wow! That’s deadbeat supreme.

  4. Haven't watch Divorce Court in a while and Judge Lynn seems tired and bored, maybe its time to quit the show! The sparkle and passion has gone from her eyes. I'm still not feeling the new set and I miss Joe.

  5. Mr. John is a good family man. What the is wrong with these women Ms. Latoyia  you was married to a man in prison plus you have 1 previous child? He is a good father, clean, conscious, hardworking,  want to take care of his family. Don't deprive your family of a parent.

  6. Love this episode a suspicious wife both of them strange she dont trust him because of his lady friends sone therapy needed

  7. He married her to avoid child support.
    So sad.
    That’s why he’s living like he’s single because he doesn’t take his marriage seriously.
    that’s why his family doesn’t know he’s married.

  8. She knocked down the original foundation of their relationship with her "marriage" secret. He has never fully trusted her again since.

  9. 2:04 if your period is more regular than your man…he needs to bounce!
    Why are you getting into a relationship if you’re married? I don’t agree with that at all! When you get the divorce papers then hit the person up.
    You started off the relationship with lies – it’s coming back to haunt her.
    I don’t know what it is, but I don’t trust her.

  10. They shouldn't be married period he is cheating on her and they act like roommates and they have kids she stupid for paying all the bills she just wants him to give her money just for the kids they both foolish people.

  11. A good rule of thumb in these types of situations is whatever your beginnings of the relationship is likely what the ending is going to be. In other words, she’s cheating around on the dude she’s with, with you. You got with her, and now you’re in the position that guy was in. They “weren’t getting along,” so she started dealing with you behind his back.

    This is what a lot of folks don’t understand: not getting along is a part of relationships. You have good and bad times. It’s normal. If her answer to not getting along is to cheat, that means it’s going to happen to you too. There will be times when YOU’RE not getting along. You will NEVER have real trust with a woman like this.

    Generally, men are smarter than this. Very, very few dudes will marry a woman who they’re been tricking with after she’s finished with the last dude. Women do it all the time, but usually not men.

    She’s always going to have some justification sounding reason why she’s doing what she’s doing, but it’s usually a big mistake to get with women like this.

    Play at your own risk.

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