16 thoughts on “Is it hard to Being a Muslim girl in Korea?

  1. للعرب تره هو حاط ترجمة فورية عربية تغدرون اطلعونه من ثلاث نقاط لي فوق

  2. How do you treat people in Korea ,who couldn't speak Korean ? For example , foreigner kids in high schools or work or etc. ………..

  3. wow u r so humble as well as funny. your speech and the whole video i mean the whole environment was full of positivity and happy happy vibe. liked it so much that i instantly liked the video and subscribed right away 🙂
    i came to know and grew interest about Korea through kdrama and then kpop. before that i just knew about Korea only that it is an asian country related to China and Japan haha… pardon my ignorance. now i love Korea.
    Love and respect from Bangladesh. Hwaiting 🙂 🙂

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