Let’s Talk About Hookups & Casual Sex! | Melanie Murphy & Riyadh K - ad

Let’s Talk About Hookups & Casual Sex! | Melanie Murphy & Riyadh K – ad

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Hookups, one night stands, casual sex…talking all this and more with Riyadh K in another sex positive chatty chat!
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Big love to PURE for sponsoring another sex positive video by myself and Riyadh! Hope you guys enjoy the chats in this video and the surprise special guest phone call from Riyadh’s mother!

32 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Hookups & Casual Sex! | Melanie Murphy & Riyadh K – ad

  1. Am I the only one that openly talks about sex and enjoys it, but also is kind of ashamed of it (towards family) – possibly because I don't want them to imagine me enjoying the pleasure? And does anyone else sometimes think of the mechanics of sex and is like "wtf are we actually doing"?

  2. Casual sex does not make women happy. Men can have loads of cold, loveless sexual encounters and they are not damaged by them, but women are different. Eventually a woman will start to feel used and abused, even though she has consented to sex with so many different guys. I am not judging anyone here, I am simply trying to make women (especially young women) realise that allowing their vaginas to be used as a public recreation ground for every stray penis that needs to empty its load will eventually lead you to feeling empty and destroyed. The biggest lie that Men tell Women (or one of them) is this one: "I don't judge girls who sleep around." OH YES HE DOES! You should be behind that guy when he is telling his buddies how you 'gave it up' after 1 cheap glass of wine. Ever wondered why your casual hook up doesn't look in your eyes during sex? It is because he feels disgusted by you. He is trying not to think of the loads of other penises that have already been where he is now. Ever wondered why he doesn't want to stay the night for a cosy after-sex cuddle? Because once he has gotten rid of his load he wants to be straight outta the door. He doesn't want to be around you any longer than he has to. I base my views on my own experiences and that of dozens and dozens of female friends, relatives and acquaintances. Feminists have sold Women a BIG FAT LIE. They told us that we can behave like guys and not suffer any consequences. So here it is ladies. Men aren't gonna tell you the truth because if they did they would ruin their chances of getting laid. I mean can you just picture a guy being REALLY honest? "Excuse me miss, I would like to bang you, but I have no intention of sticking around and I sure don't want to date you, I just want to get rid of my load and when I decide to get married and settle down, you can bet I won't be wanting a girl who treats her vagina like the neighbourhood trash can where every guy has dumped his trash." Ladies, start treating your poor, over-worked vagina with some respect. DEMAND dates and courtship. You gotta respect yourself before a guy can respect you.

  3. I absolutely loved this! For me this video for me was really cool, in todays culture I find there is a lot of taboo against women and men having random hookups but especially for women. I love the fact that you guys are so open about this when a lot of people feel embarrassed to talk about one night stands or even just sex in general. I really loved everything you guys talked about, each topic like fetishes and slut shaming was so true and very relevant in todays society. Really great video!!

  4. Me when I was like 8 I always had a thing for like sexual stuff even tho it didn't know what it is then when I was 11 I found out what it was and I was like I wanna do it but not know I DO NOT WANT A BABY but it's just like ughhh I can't explain sometimes I don't like having like a dirty mind and just wish it was clean and stuff but I'm still 1p and I am sexual but hey whatever (I haven't had sex lol)

  5. Today I got called a “fucking slapper” by a 50 year old woman because I’ve been having casual sex and it really hurt me. This video eased the pain. Thank you for being so open and honest.

  6. Loved this video! I was once single for two years and it was the greatest time of my life. I had casual sex with allot of men. I learnt so much about myself too. I'm also bisexual and had a few good times with women too. I hate the idea of "slut shaming"! If you want to go and have sex openly then GO FOR IT ! 😀 Im all for it !

  7. I love seeing the two of you sweeties interact together! I'll be downloading this app in just a couple of months when I finally get out of my parents' house and hit the big city, so extra timely–especially since I've just started considering hookups for the exact reasons that you suggested them! Thank you both! This is quite possibly the best (and most liberating) "ad" video I've ever watched. 🙂

  8. Okay I'm a dude, I like this dude. I've never had sex before, he's experienced in sex. Can I wing it or do I Have to tell him?

  9. I love the idea about talking about this topic openly and it's important but I really disagree with that app. Sure it could result in positive hookups but the dangers are crazy. The amount of creeps in that, I would never go near it.

  10. I was in a monogamous relationship for 3.5 years but a couple months ago we broke up. I spent a few months just focusing on myself and not looking for sex/dates. But recently I started sleeping with one of my close friends and it's honestly been really great. He's poly and is in two open relationships. Both the girlfriends are aware of our hookups and are totally fine with it. I even had a threesome with him and one of his girlfriends and we all enjoyed it so much. I'm not in a place at all for a relationship and he and I want different things anyway, so this has been really great for us. I had some one-night-stand type hookups and honestly I didn't enjoy those. I think I do crave intimacy and familiarity and comfort, which is hard to get with a stranger.

  11. As an asexual who has 0 sex drive, with video doesn't really apply to me lol but I love you both, hearing you talk together was so entertaining. There's nothing wrong with casual hook-ups. I think the app is a really good idea, as you both mentioned, having an app for casual sex makes things a lot easier for everyone involved lol

  12. Loved this video. I'm in a committed relationship now, but in the past I've had 5 separate casual sex partners and it was SO FUN!

  13. i love casual hookups and how sex can be varied from person to person I think it comes from my love of meeting new people as well and a tendency to get bored and wanting to explore new horizons. I also discovered my fetishes, kinks etc and i'm never judgemental I take people as they are its been a great revelation to be honest and two of the hookups have become my friends so its been a fairly positive experience but remember folks consent, communication, safety

  14. I'm so for casual sex, am currently in a relationship that started as us just being friends with benefits (but then we developed feelings so what can you do). But I originally wanted to have a few friends with benefits, to not limit myself and let loose, be single and get some use out of that hahah. Now it didn't work out the way I expected it too. But all the power to the ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks who are not looking for anything serious

  15. FWBs can cause a lot of issues, as one person almost always ends up wanting a relationship. The hook up app might prevent this, but there are no guarantees. There is also the thorny issue that no contraception is 100% effective besides complete abstinence. According to a large Guttmacher Institute study (a pro-choice organisation, so not biased) 54% of women obtaining abortions were using contraception at the time they conceived.

    So a pregnancy resulting from a one night stand is much more likely to lead to abortion/adoption. This is an important aspect that is never really discussed beforehand. Sadly, I have known women who have gone through this, and all wish these aspects of hook ups had been emphasised.

  16. I personally have negative feelings towards all the hook ups I had because they were all between the ages of 15-18 and I viewed sex so wrong – I thought it was for men’s pleasure and it seems they thought that too. I believe I had to get guys to like me by having sex with them. I only orgasmed with my current boyfriend who I’ve been with or 3 years and now I know what good sex is and can understand people hooking up 🙂

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