Mario Party 7: "Money Shot" - EPISODE 4 - Friends Without Benefits

Mario Party 7: “Money Shot” – EPISODE 4 – Friends Without Benefits

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Millennials will never own homes lol our generation is screwed.


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Friends Without Benefits consists of…
► Dad (Don)

► Weegee (Cade)

► Deezus (Dillon)

► Major Duncan (Major Duncan)

►Special thanks to our talented artist Nem!

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21 thoughts on “Mario Party 7: “Money Shot” – EPISODE 4 – Friends Without Benefits

  1. Lmao why have no one talked about the dancing pikachu in the ending yet? And was it always there? I've only seen it in the last few episodes

  2. If only Don dumped all his coins into that Windmill on the last turn. Cade wouldn't gotten the cash to swipe that last star. Damn shame Don.

  3. Powerade Grape is really good not sponsored by the way I just really like the sweet and refreshing taste of Powerade Grape

  4. Minigame Star: Cade
    Action Star: Dillon
    Orb Star: Major
    Shopping Star: Dillon, Cade, and Major
    Red Star: Don
    Running Star: Cade

    Pre-bonus stats:
    1st – Cade – 4 stars, 23 coins
    2nd – Don – 3 stars, 9 coins
    3rd – Major – 2 stars, 24 coins
    4th – Dillon – 2 stars, 23 coins

    Guaranteed win for Cade!

    Major had a 50% chance of beating Don.
    Dillon had a 30% chance of beating Major and a 50% chance of beating Don.

  5. 17:19 Last year, my church did a vacation bible school thing, and had the mascot be minions, with the tag line being, “One in a Minion”. And damn, was kinda just terrible in every way.

  6. So, when you guys gonna play Mario Galaxy so you guys can just yell how bad it is compared to Sunshine like you did when y’all played Super Paper Mario and compared it to 1,000 year door forever ago?

  7. Those missing clicks in the intro really need to be back on the channel. You know what else should be on the channel? Poptropica, play poptropica

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