Online Dating | #CallingKaran - Webisode 6 | Ft. Karan Johar

Online Dating | #CallingKaran – Webisode 6 | Ft. Karan Johar

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Online dating has opened up a whole new world for people looking to find love. Whether you’re looking for love, marriage, hookups, or friends with benefits, there’s an option for all. But the with the huge amount of variety, comes an equal amount of confusion. In this episode of #CallingKaran, KJo’s trying to help you decide if you should swipe right on your best friend’s man, or a hot professor in college to make online dating easier for you.

4 thoughts on “Online Dating | #CallingKaran – Webisode 6 | Ft. Karan Johar

  1. KJO is an encyclopedia, when it comes to relationships and romance. He is truly interesting as well as entertaining celebrity.

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