Red Flags of Online Dating

Red Flags of Online Dating

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11 thoughts on “Red Flags of Online Dating

  1. Red flags, texting only during work hours, always cancelling, a lot of married and dating men pretend to be single for the attention

  2. Thnks for making this video. I used to be an avid proponent of online dating until sometime ago, when I discovered that it only sets one back & will waste lot of time. The key to meeting people, in this case, men, is to get off the internet, start going out more and meet real people. And not necessarily going out to clubs or bars (although one could potentially meet good men there), but going places where you can engage in different activities that interest you or even activities you've never been keen on. Examples could include attending different meet up groups in your area based on your interests i.e christian or freethinkers workshops, attending sporting events, taking gym classes, joining outdoor sportiing groups like cycling groups, taking CE non credit classes at a college or university, volunteering, going to classy lounges, dance classes, art class, joining a league etc. But as long as you continue trying to look for love online, you're sort of doomed and have far less chances of meeting the right person for you. Another key element to dating that I recently learned/discovered is that you should never just date one person and then try to make that person "The One". But one should try to meet and go on dates with as many men as possible, just DONT, and I repeat DONT become intimate or engage in sexual intercourse with these men, as they have not made any long term commitment to you, and you are just dating them…..Until you find the right person who you know is ready(as a woman your instinct will always tell u when a man means what he says) and has made a long term commitment to you.

  3. I'm developing a serious addiction to your videos. Love the bluntness! I love Youtube, but this is the first channel I've subscribed to!

  4. well I'm talking to this guy and he calls me a lot of names outside by name- we email each other, our time difference are different when it's in the day here- it's night there; I don't know if he talks to other girls or not and I do like him and now I don't know what to do….. lol

  5. I enjoyed this vid. Great tips. Please do more tips on online dating. For instance, what are the top 5 things you'd want to include in your profile?

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