Retirement in Thailand -- Farewell Pattaya, I Love You!

Retirement in Thailand — Farewell Pattaya, I Love You!

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This could be Cheap Charlie’s final Pattaya video for some time (though he will continue to vlog from other cities around the world):
0:00 – – 4:10 — Intro and Various scenes around Pattaya, Thailand
4:10 – 8:28 — A tour of the markets and food of Naklua seafood market.
8:29 -9:38 – Meetup with Sean in Wonderland, Mae and friends.
9:39 – 12:55 – I go on a date to Walking Street.
12:55 – 21:18 — I meet a CCC subscriber, Roman from Russia. We go to Insomnia and later we have an adventure exploring his hotel, the Intercontinental on Pratamnuk.
21:20 — 33:15 – Retirement lifestyle and cost of living and fitness advice from Sean in Wonderland.
33:15 — 38:57 – Various Scenes including checking out a few different Pattaya hotels such as the Hilton.
38:57 -43:13 – Meeting with David Bond and showing him a monthly apartment for rent.
43:14- 47:36 – A tour of the Sky Gallery and Cosy Beach and lunch with Sean and friends.
47:37-51:57 – Various eating options around town.
51:57 – 55:10- Different Scenes including Terminal 21, different markets and my Sony Rx0 camera.
55:10 — 56:50 — A tour of my Penthouse apartment.
56:51 – 1:11:05 — different shopping hauls I had, also some food I made, feeding Thai street dogs.

28 thoughts on “Retirement in Thailand — Farewell Pattaya, I Love You!

  1. Everybody, I'm still going to be vlogging, but just from different countries and cities. I've mentioned a few times that I've been wanting to travel but my visa status kept me in Pattaya for a long time because I knew once I leave I would be banned from the country for one year. There is no particular reason to leave other than the fact that I wanted to move on both from a personal and a professional standpoint. I have filmed every nook and cranny of Pattaya. I felt like I needed some new challenges. I hope everyone likes the new incarnation of my channel as I take you around the world.

  2. I gave you a thumbs down, you bought 1 piece of fried banana ONE PIECE!!! Even the woman looked like she wanted to throw it at you, I know I would have. You are an embarrassment. No respect for you anymore.

  3. Hey Charlie, I’m a big fan. I was wondering if you could possibly recommend a good dentist that isn’t too pricey in Pattaya or Bangkok. The one I went to earlier this spring was overpriced and didn’t do the best job.


  4. Hey Charlie, Sorry that you have to leave Thailand, having said that you should have kept an eye on your visa, the year should pass quickly, the advice i would give you is to apply for a thai visa before you travel back to Thailand, the reason being that as an overstayer that received a 1 year ban even after the year is up you could still be refused entry into Thailand, Take Care, Tony.

  5. the moment that girl would have started giving me attitude. I would have left. They are really a dime a dozen. Can't fuck them all, unfortunately. Just move on.

  6. Correctly that did not drink with a Russian more …. it is dangerous to health)) Роман, дружище, базара нет Спартак-первый!!!

  7. At the fried Banana stall where they are trying to run a business you ask “ Can I have one piece 5baht ? Little bit one “ Classic stuff keep up the good work.

  8. Yo it ain't 2018 in Thailand, their calendar year is not the same as in the western world, but you should already know that!

  9. bye bye pattaya no more walking street videos where asking girls where you go and start to laugh hahaha. long live turkey iraq and syria, from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border living in europe here.

  10. That's so cruel:(

    Cooking the shrimp alive, so cruel.

    It's cruel enough to be eaten, but cooking them alive?

    I'm sure that the RSPCA would say something about that.

  11. Thailand was so much better WITHOUT IPHONES – no constant distractions for the girls, no keeping in touch with old boyfriends (they used to have to go the LDD shop to place EXPENSIVE long distance calls (which precluded them from reaching out much), no dating apps for them to be tempted by. Yes, Thailand was a much better place to find relationships before Steve Jobs ruined it for us.

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