World's WORST Animal Parents

World’s WORST Animal Parents

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From scary evil bird moms … to cold-hearted papa bears … here are 16 of the world’s worst animal parents

#16 Tasmanian Devils
Maybe it’s no surprise that these ferocious marsupials can display some ferocious behavior when it comes to raising their young. During breeding season a female devil will mate with several males, ensuring that her litter has multiple fathers. Three weeks after conception they can give birth to up to 50 babies (or joeys). But since she only has the capability of feeding four of them, the rest of the brood will have to struggle to survive. Experts say that 60 percent of the joeys won’t make it to maturity.

#15 Giant Panda Bears
It’s difficult to think of the cuddly, lovable giant panda mom as behaving badly toward her cubs. But researchers have documented that when pandas give birth to twins, the mother will typically favor one over the other. The favored cub is then raised by the mother while the other one is neglected and left on its own. Naturalists call the behavior ‘quality control’. It’s where the Panda mom decides it’s better to have one cub that is strong and healthy, rather than two cubs that consume more food and resources.

#14 Bass Fish
Male bass are known to be highly protective of their offspring, guarding them against predators in the water. But sometimes the dads will prey their own spawn. This will usually happen when newborn stragglers remain after the other have swum away. When he swallows up those stragglers, he’s ensuring that only the strongest of his brood survive. But they’ll also turn predator if they’re hungry enough and unable to hunt for their own food.

#13 Cuckoo
Chances are, the term ‘brood parasite’ doesn’t pop up when you think of these birds. But it’s a fitting term because they’re animals that rely on others to raise their young. In this case of these birds, the mother lays her eggs in the nests of other birds. Some species can even lay eggs that resemble those of the host. And if there isn’t enough room, she might push some of the host’s eggs out of the nest. Afterwards, the cuckoo mom basically abandons her young and leaves it up to the host to raise her offspring..

#12 Black Eagles
These animals employ a parenting practice that might be described as hands off. The raptors are known for the violent clashes that occur between their siblings. In the great majority of cases, the older sibling will kill the younger by means of starvation or a direct attack. The parents essentially let the violence go unchecked, and it’s for a reason. Experts say that the second nesting egg is an insurance policy in case the first one perishes. By letting the two siblings battle it out, the parents ensure that the stronger sibling survives, and food supplies remain full.

#11 Assassin Bugs
With a name like that, you can’t expect these dads to be such good guys. The males will protect their eggs until they hatch. But they’ll eat the eggs located on the outer edge of the brood because those are the ones most likely to be attacked by parasitic wasps. Scientists think that eating those eggs could help protect the insects from parasites. The action also provides the male with plenty of nutrients since he can’t forage for food while on guard duty. In a twist, Assassin Bug dads are known to adopt the broods of other fathers — but they don’t eat those eggs.

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Today I play Movie Star Planet….. why do you ask me to play this game…

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