The Greedy Crane 3D Moral Stories For Kids in English ll The Old Crane and The Crab for toddlers

The Greedy Crane 3D Moral Stories For Kids in English ll The Old Crane and The Crab for toddlers

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The Greedy Crane 3D Moral Stories For Kids in English ll The Old Crane and The Crab for toddlers


Once a crane lived by the side of a lake The lake had plenty of fish and other water creatures, When the crane was young he had a nice time there …
Now the crane was old,far from the swiftness needed to catch a fish ,Often he had to remain hungry,
One day the crane could not catch a single fish the whole day in the evening the crane started crying loudly out of hunger
The crab and other fishes heares his loud wailing and saked why he had been weeping,
The clever crane lied
CRANE : “O friends I am crying for you people ”
A fortune teller has told me this lake will dry up very shortly Iam worried what will happend to you innocent creatures”As i grew up by this lake the possible death of you firends ,make me feel sad and worried , Ihave even stopped

The gullible fishes believed his words and said in a worried voice

Fish : O CRANE You are the oldest and most experienced among us,Please save our lives from this calamity

The shrewd crane Who was waiting for this opportunity immediately agreed to render his help
The crane said

CRANE : The is another lake at some distance from here ,Ican pick you up from this lake one by one and can drop you there safely .

hearing this ,the fishes and other creatures of the pond rejoiced and thanked him for his kind gesture,
And with this the old crane’s problem of hunger was solved
The sly crane pretended to help them and started shifting creatures one by one,
But this old crane was no saint ,On the pretext shifting the creatures to another lake he took them in to a deed forest where there was a big rock
The old crane could very easily kill the creatures there
with out any huste and eat them up
Days passed this way, Every day the creatures who were willing to shift to the other lake , requested him to oblige them at the earliest possible
the crane took them also and had a nice meal
One day , a crab who was also the resident of the same lake said

CRAB : Since long i have been requesting you to transport me to the other lake
so for you have been obliging only the fishes ,Now it is my turn , You take me on your back to the lake

The crane took the crab on his back and flew towords the rock
One the way the crab asked about the shifted fishes
The crane thought that as the crab was on his back ,and they were far away from the lake there was no danger in speaking the truth
Hi laughed
CRANE : Ha ha ha …………. There is no lake around
all the other creatures who were transported by me are resting safely in my stomach ,Now be prepared to go to the same place

The moment the cram heard the crane’s bitter truth
he held the crane’s long neck between his sharp claws and severed it
The crane died immediately ,The crab returned to the lake crawling
and told the whole story to the residents there
The lake inhabitants thanked the crab for saving their lives with his wat and his promptness

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