TSL Reviews: Quirky Japanese Products + GIVEAWAY!

TSL Reviews: Quirky Japanese Products + GIVEAWAY!

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Face-lifting mask and drinkable sunblock?! In this episode of TSL Reviews, Fauzi and Xenia review some quirky Japanese skincare products!


We are giving away 3 boxes of Astalift White Shield Drink worth $60 each to 3 lucky winners!

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Astalift products mentioned (in order of appearance):

1. Astalift White Shield Drink

2. Astalift White Perfect UV Clear solution

TSL Reviews is a brand new series on TSLTV where we review trending things, quirky stuff we find on the internet and any other suggestions from YOU GUYS! So, if you would like us to review something, leave a comment down below!

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17 thoughts on “TSL Reviews: Quirky Japanese Products + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! Congratulations to Sher Lim, Desiree Low and Maylene Teo for winning the Astalift White Shield Drink!

  2. Omg I've been looking for this!! I would love to win this giveaway cause I will be going on a diving trip, which would mean alot of sun, but sunblock will not be ideal cause it either contaminates the ocean or like if the "ocean friendly" kinds are not AS strong. This product would be soooo ampt for any water sport! (Also that nipple moisturising thing, Im in for that HAHA)

  3. I would like to win the Astalift White Shield Drink as I am always under the sun because I love to play softball and also swimming. I also working part-time as a lifeguard!! Though I always apply sunblock daily as my skin care routine, I hope the Astalift White Shield Drink will help me in doing a full protection away from the harmful UV rays from the sun=)

  4. Would like to win the Astalift set because I was very bad at taking care of my skin when I was young and I would like to reverse that now. Futhermore, it can act as my daily vitamin intake!

  5. I would like to win this giveaway as it is important to take care of our skin on the outside and in the inside, to protect our skin from UV rays is the first step to looking healthier!

  6. I want to win this because i am heading to Australia soon and i need all the sun protection I can get so I don't become chao tar!

  7. need need need this bcos im someone who doesn’t put sunblock and cos i have no time to put as getting ready to go out w a child is like war alrdy with all the things to pack, clothes to change, double check this and that so when you stepped out of the house you’re gonna be late for whatever and then u realise u did not put any sunblock but oh well.

  8. I would like to win the asta lift white shield drink because i want to get the maximum protection from uv rays as singapore is super sunny to get a healthy skin from inside out.

  9. I would like to win because i don’t have the habit of putting sunblock but also know the importance of it. Been looking for a good replacement for it to reduce my freckles appearance. However, at the same time, am aware that such supplement is on the pricey side so would like to try out before really buying more!

  10. i want to win the astalift product so that i can let my mom try it!! lol she always nags at my brother and i to put sunblock bc the uv rays are really harmful!! HAHA what a beauty guru :p

  11. I would love to win asta lift white shield drink becoz I feel uncomfortable walking around under the hot sun feeling tat there is tat stickiness from applying sunblock so iwould like to really try the asta lift white shield drink

  12. I would like to win the Asta Lift White Shield Drink because I am the type of person who dislikes to put on sunscreen on my face because i hate the heavy feeling it gives. Plus i have oily skin so i really hate the feeling of sunscreen and the white cast it leaves on my skin. With this drink, i am glad and satisfied that it provides what a sunscreen do. I really hope to give a try and really wanna share this with my mum as she also did not have the habit of applying sunscreen. Thank you❤

  13. I would like to win this because I have been struggling to keep my skin colour from not tanning and also I have putting on sunblock on my skin as I feel very uncomfortable with lotion on my face. Thus for a change, I would like to have a drinkable "sunblock"

  14. I would love to win this giveaway because like what Xenia and Fauzi mentioned, protection against the sun is really important for anti-aging. I have started to apply sunblock religiously since a few months back, but being a student in Pulau NTU, climbing up and down the hilly slopes make me break into a sweat real easily and I feel my sun protection shield melting away as the day passes with the sweat and heat, haha. I think it would be really interesting to try a 'sun shield' in liquid form and share with my friends and see how it goes:) Thank you!

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