WNYT ID/Promo/Newsbreak Montage 1980-2012

WNYT ID/Promo/Newsbreak Montage 1980-2012

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Let’s do a new project on this channel, shall we?

Similar to the stuff you see on jacky9br’s channel, I’ve decided to do something similar. I’ve started with WNYT, my home and favorite TV station.

Unlike the news open compilations, I will take requests here. I don’t think this’ll be too annoying to dig through NewsActive3’s channel.

Anyway, WNYT is a station in Albany, NY owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. The earliest ID in this video is from 1980, back when their call letters were “WAST”. Footage from that period is rare, but Michael Pannoni managed to find said clip. At the time Channel 13 was a CBS affiliate and owned by Viacom, which ironically bought CBS a decade later. September 1981, Channel 13 switched affiliations with competing station WRGB (channel 6) and joined NBC. The change also debuted its current call letters, WNYT. By 1983, Viacom began to invest in the station, promoting as “News for Busy People” (1:01; 1:14). The VO at the time was a very young Ed Hopkins, who is still doing work at WNYT to this day, and the theme was Telesound’s “Look For Us.” 1985 started the CGI Cranston-Csuri graphics (1:15), which lasted until 1988. The newscast at the time was called “The 30 Minute News,” later “News 13” and then its current name, “News Channel 13,” by 1991. In 1994 WNYT debuted its current logo (but with minor alterations) and began phasing Ed Hopkins off their news promos (2:37 has a promo voiced by Doug Paul). They also debuted a new set in 1995 that was based on Dateline NBC and was used until this past year. The same time was when Viacom merged with Paramount Pictures, and then decided to sell WNYT to relieve its debt. WNYT was then sold to Hubbard Broadcasting of Minneapolis, MN, who made the “13” logo slimmer and began heavily promoting its “Live, Local, Latebreaking” slogan. By 4:44 I included several promos used from the early 2000s I found on Vimeo, such as a promo touting its then-lead anchor Ed Dague (anchored from 1984-2003), “Everybody Has Doppler,” promoting Channel 13’s weather department (a 2003 promo at 7:57 pokes fun at WRGB’s Doppler they used), a promo for the News Channel 13 tipline (5:14) and some News teases (they actually did a segment on how smart your dog is?!) 9:28 begins the post-2004 era, when WNYT made its logo a bit glossier and shinier and debuted some red graphics for its newscasts. The logo used from that era held on until 2018 (I still see it occasionally on some ads.) Some minor changes included a new slogan (Coverage You Can Trust) in 2009 and going HD in 2012. In general WNYT has always been very consistent, in talent, identity, news coverage and more, and I hope it stays that way.

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  1. As someone who grew up in the area, it was great seeing the WAST idea off the top and all the WNYT stuff from before my cognizant life. Great job as always…

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